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Gender: Male


Unit type(s): Dwarvish Steelclad

Burin (also known as Burin the Lost) was a dwarvish adventurer. Originally from the Great Continent, he accompanied Prince Haldric on his exodus from the Green Isle, eventually returning to his homeland.


Green Isle

I got lost while exploring deep underground, almost a century ago. I've never found my way home.
—Burin describes how he came to the Green Isle.

Originally from the Great Continent,[1] Burin had past experience fighting orcs. Nearly a century before the founding of Wesnoth, Burin explored deep underground and eventually became lost.[2] He maintained his course east, however, and nearly circumnavigated the globe,[1] eventually emerging above ground on the Green Isle. He built himself a house in the Broken Mountains, some distance south from the Kingdom of Stormvale, with a sign indicating his dislike of visitors.[2]

Almost a century after having gotten lost, he was discovered by Prince Haldric's refugees as they fled before the orcs through the southern pass. He explained how he had come to settle in the Broken Mountains, describing it as "nice enough". When Haldric informed him of their orcish pursuers, Burin enthusiastically offered to help, eager to fight orcs once more. With Burin's aid, Haldric killed the two orcish warlords blocking their escape through the southern pass, Tan-Schmog and Tan-NauVong.[2]

Journey to Clearwater Port

Will this evil forest ever end! There are mosquitoes as big as my fist in here, and these nasty old trees are giving me the creeps.
—Burin accompanies the refugees through the Oldwood Forest.
signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to to travel southeast
Burin (left) accompanies Prince Haldric in the Swamp of Esten.

In order to avoid meeting more orcs, Haldric decided to lead his refugees southeast through the Swamp of Esten. Despite Burin's objections to entering the swamp, he agreed to continue accompanying them on their journey.[2] Upon arriving at the fog-covered swamp, Burin expressed his disappointment that they were not elsewhere fighting orcs instead. They fought their way through various undead forces and slew the three cultists residing there. Before they could advance towards Southbay, however, they were intercepted by Sir Ruddry, who warned them of a large force of orcs further down the path. Haldric decided instead to take an alternative route through the Oldwood Forest, much to Burin's exasperation.[3]

signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to travel southwest
Much to Burin's delight, Haldric decided to travel southwest through the Midlands region.[2] Upon their arrival, they could see smoke in the air, suggesting that the orcs had already sacked the area. They charged upon the orcs, Burin enthusiastically joining in. Once they killed the three orcish warlords there, they were intercepted by Sir Ladoc, who warned them against proceeding further along the road to Southbay, as they would encounter a large host of orcs. Haldric decided instead to veer eastward towards the Oldwood Forest, much to Burin's exasperation.[4]

Haldric's forces walked for some time through the Oldwood Forest, Burin expressing his irritation as time went on. They then discovered a group of woses under siege from the orcs. The leader of the woses, Elilmaldur-Rithrandil, demanded that Haldric prove his non-aggression by helping the woses kill the surrounding orcish chieftains, Tan-Gralg and Tan-Rugar. Afterwards, Haldric inquired as to whether Elilmaldur-Rithrandil could help fight the orcs, who instead offered Haldric the opportunity to seize the Ruby of Fire, sealed underground with a Lich-Lord some time prior. Haldric accepted the wose's offer, who then opened the catacombs beneath the nearby temple for Haldric's men to enter, including Burin.[5]

Once inside the catacombs, the voice of the Lich-Lord Lenvan rang out. Burin expressed his gladness to be underground again, but his unease with the catacombs' occupants. He aided Haldric in the battle against Lenvan, and they eventually slew him. Haldric retrieved the Ruby of Fire before they exited the catacombs.[6]

Once back on the surface, the group learned from Lady Jessene that they could not proceed southwards, as the journey was occupied by orcs. They instead proceeded towards Clearwater Port.[7] Once they arrived, with the orcs close behind them, they agreed to help Commander Aethyr evacuate as many of the refugees before departing by ship, much to Burin's frustration. After holding out against the orcs as long as possible, Haldric's forces boarded the ship and set sail towards Southbay.[8]

Nautical travel

Fool of a boy's just gonna burn us all up. Humans, always playing at being wizards.
—Burin fulminates over Prince Haldric's reckless experimentation with magic.

On the way to Southbay, Haldric stopped at Fallen Lich Point to retrieve a valuable artifact, the Book of Fire and Darkness. Burin helped to kill the Lich-Lord Caror, before swiftly entering the sewers of Southbay.[9] Once inside the sewers, Burin expressed his disgust with the humans' treatment of the cave. Soon after, the group realized that the sewers were occupied by hostile wizards, and were forced to defeat both before exiting.[10]

Emerging from the sewers, Haldric's forces found themselves in Southbay, and were able to seek an audience with the king, Addroran IX. The group agreed to defend Southbay from more orcish attacks until the boats were prepared to sail east for the Great Continent.[11] As spring gave way to winter, Haldric experimented with the Ruby of Fire, much to Burin's derision. When spring arrived, a group of orcs descended upon Southbay before the ships were prepared. Burin aided Haldric in defeating the orcs as well as a cluster of undead sent by the Lich-Lord Jevyan. Once the threat was eliminated, Burin reluctantly boarded the ships along with Haldric's forces.[12]

As planned, Haldric landed at Morogor to re-provision his ships, to the delight of Burin. It quickly became apparent that a number of drakes inhabited the island, forcing the refugees to pacify them before carrying tending to the ships.[13] After setting sail once more, the refugees were forced to make an emergency landing at an archipelago guarded by nagas. Despite the unfavourable terrain, Burin once again helped Haldric against the nagas, before the group returned to their ships and set sail east once more.[14]

Return to the Great Continent

In the name of... This is the continent of my home. But I set out east. I must have traveled clear around the world.
—Burin realizes that he has circumnavigated the globe.

By the time of summer, the ships made landfall on the western shores of the Great Continent at the Bay of Pearls. Burin recognized the land as continent from which he originated, realizing that he had managed to explore so far underground that he had traveled around the globe. With Haldric under attack from both elves and dwarves, Burin decided to remain loyal to the refugees, and fought on their side until the battle was ceased by Lady Dionli, who requested that they accompany her to the Ka'lian, situated in the Grey Woods.[1]

Despite the elves poor relations with the dwarves, the Ka'lian did not speak against Burin, allowing him into their presence with Haldric for their negotiations. A deal was struck such that before Haldric could settle in the Great Continent, his forces would need to complete four quests.[15]

The order of the following events is contingent on in-game decisions.
icon-editor.png Haldric killed the Dragon
Burin traveled with Haldric to the Green Swamp, wherein they found a small island, speculating that the dragon lived in the mountain thereupon. Surrounding the mountain were scores of saurians, as well as a number of bats and mudcrawlers. As they engaged in battle, the dragon, Shek'kahan, emerged from the mountain and attacked Haldric's men. Eventually, the group managed to slay Shek'kahan and steal his gold, before returning to the Ka'lian, where Lord Logalmier remarked how impressed he was.[16]
icon-editor.png Haldric drove away the metal-trading saurians
Burin traveled northwest with Haldric to the beach where the saurian traders were at work. Upon seeing the advancing humans, the saurians prepared themselves to hold the beach until their naga reinforcements arrived, sending mudcrawlers and scorpions against Haldric. As Haldric's forces pushed closer to the saurians' base of operations, a band of nagas came to the aid of the saurians, hoping to protect their trading partnership. Nevertheless, Haldric cleared the beach of enemies, before returning with his men to the Ka'lian.[17]
icon-editor.png Haldric eradicated the trolls
An elven guide led Haldric's men to the entrance to the cave of trolls. Burin offered his knowledge of fighting trolls. Within the cave, Haldric encountered a large number of trolls, as well as giant spiders. The group managed to kill each of the four troll warriors occupying the caves, before ascending to the surface and returning to the Ka'lian.[18]
icon-editor.png Haldric ended the curse upon the Isle of Tears
Burin returned with Haldric to their original landing point, from which they sailed to the Isle of Tears, covered in a thick fog. Haldric and some of his men, including Burin, landed on the island, organizing to be picked up once they had finished clearing the island. They fought against various undead forces, killing the two spectres who controlled the island. Having purged the undead from the island, they set sail once more and returned to the Ka'lian.[19]

Returning to the Ka'lian, Haldric's refugees were provided a significant portion of land and were made to pledge to aid the elves if need ever arose. Before Haldric could depart, Commander Aethyr arrived, covertly informing Haldric that they had been followed by the orcs. Haldric's company hastened away to meet their pursuers, with only Jessene remaining behind.[15]

Defeating Jevyan

Ahh, it's great to be home! I'm not much for the politics, but it's great to be home!
—Burin enjoys being able to fight the orcs once more.

Burin accompanied Haldric's fighting men west before being met by a large host of orcs. Burin gleefully helped in the battle, delighted to be back home. After destroying the orcish vanguard,[20] the group made their way west to the coastline, where a large group of stationed orcs and undead prevented the remaining refugee ships from landing. With Burin's encouragement, they set upon their foes, and despite Jevyan's intervention, they were able to clear the shoreline, allowing the ships to land.[21]

After Haldric and Jessene went away to speak and private,[22] they rejoined Burin and the other forces, falsely convincing them that the Ruby of Fire had been given to the elves, a deal Burin considered imprudent. They met Jevyan and his orcish followers in battle, and despite Aethyr's death at the hand of Jevyan, they triumphed over the various enemy forces.[23]


I want to find out if there are dwarves in other lands. It’s a big world with lots of good mountains. Of that much I am sure.
—Burin considers his future prospects once he leaves Prince Haldric.

Burin met together with Haldric and Jessene to lay Aethyr's body to rest. Shortly thereafter, Haldric made Burin pledge to keep a secret, to which Burin agreed. Haldric and Jessene revealed that their deal with the elves involving the Ruby of Fire was a farce, and that they had merely conducted the trick to confuse the orcs. No longer in need of Burin's help, Haldric asked him what he would do. Burin decided that he would go back to his fellow dwarves, impressed by how much they had grown in strength and numbers since he had last lived in the Great Continent. He hoped to be able to convince them of long-distance travel through the various underground routes, using his own knowledge and experience. He also hoped to find dwarves in other lands, expecting as much given the number of mountainous areas throughout the world.[24]


Only a human could take such a lovely cave and fill it with refuse. Humans.
—Burin expresses his disgust with the way humans have turned a cave into a sewer.

Burin wielded a fiery temper, and despite his willingness to cooperate with Haldric, this seemed mostly motivated out of practicality rather than loyalty. As a result, Burin would often insult Haldric or humans in general, such as when he discovers that the Southbay sewerage network was inside a cave.[10] Frequently, Burin would voice his dislike for human craftiness.[12][24]

Burin has a great enthusiasm for fighting, particularly against orcs, the primary reason he joined Haldric's refugees in the first place.[2] Besides orcs, however, he has also fought trolls before,[18] and takes pleasure in fighting undead.[20] Because of Burin's eagerness to fight, Haldric implied that he needed to be less intimidating to the woses in the Oldwood Forest.[5]


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