The Midlands

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This article is about the scenario. For the kingdoms, see Midlands.

The Midlands is the fourth scenario in The Rise of Wesnoth campaign. It is an optional scenario, and is played if Prince Haldric chose to travel southwest in the previous scenario. If he did not, the scenario The Swamp of Esten is played instead.


The Kingdom of Stormvale had been overrun by orcs from the Old Continent, brought to the Green Isle through gateways opened by the Wesfolk's Lich-Lords. Though its king, Eldaric IV, had perished, its populace had been evacuated by Prince Haldric.[1] Haldric successfully managed to travel through the south pass, and upon arriving at a crossroads, chose to travel southwest to the Midlands, hoping that it had not been devastated by the orcs.[2]

The Midlands were a set of prosperous Green Isle Kingdoms with a trade relationship with Southbay. However, they had been sacked by the orcs, who left Tan-Vrodis, Tan-Bok, and Tan-Hogar to protect its ruins.[3]


Prince Haldric sees the ruins of the Midlands.
  • Defeat all enemy leaders
  • Death of Prince Haldric
  • Turns run out
Gold carryover:
  • Early finish bonus.
  • 40% of gold carried over to the next scenario.

When the Stormvale refugees came near the Midlands, they saw that the orcs had sacked it. Realizing that orcs still lingered about the area, Haldric charged his men into battle. He routed each of the three warlords there, despite Grilg and Vrogar attempting to reinforce the orcish forces.[3]

Before Haldric could proceed towards Southbay, he was intercepted by Sir Ladoc, warning him not to continue in this direction, as a large number of orcs blocked their way. Haldric decided that he would change course towards the Oldwood Forest before making a break for Clearwater Port.[3]


  1. ^ a b The Wesfolk and Lady Outlaw only joined Haldric if he chose to spare the latter's life.
  2. ^ This unit did not appear on easy difficulty.
  3. ^ a b c These units only appeared on hard difficulty.


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