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Title(s): Lord
Gender: Male


Unit type(s): Merman Warrior

Typhon (also known as Lord Typhon) was a merman leader. He was responsible for aiding humans in reaching the Great Continent, including the First Crown Prince of Southbay and Prince Haldric.


First voyage

Typhon, a leader of the mermen, struck a deal with the First Crown Prince of Southbay. In return for steel trident points and fishhooks, due to the difficulty of metalwork underwater, Typhon provided him pearls and an escort for his voyages. On one of those voyages, Typhon accompanied the prince to the Great Continent in the east.[1]

Second voyage

We need the steel for our own war in the deep.
—Lord Typhon explains what he needs from the humans in return for his services.

Some time later, Typhon returned to Southbay to meet the prince, but was informed by his past acquaintance Lady Jessene that the prince was dead. She asked him if he would lend them his services once more, and he agreed to the same terms as on the previous occasion, needing the steel for his own martial purposes. He aided Prince Haldric in killing the orcish warlords besieging the kingdom, before departing with them eastward.[1]

During the voyage, they laid anchor at the northernmost island of Morogor. Typhon and his mermen aided Haldric by pacifying the drakes and slaying their leaders, so that Haldric's men could re-provision their ships in peace before setting sail once more.[2] The weather became rough, and forced Haldric to make a landing at an archipelago inhabited by nagas. Typhon once again helped Haldric to kill the nagas' leaders so that all Haldric's ships could safely regroup.[3]

Typhon remained with Haldric for the final leg of the journey until they reached the Bay of Pearls at the western coast of the Great Continent. Upon their arrival, they were confronted by hostile elves and dwarves, but before battle could commence, Lady Dionli intervened and asked Haldric to accompany her to the Ka'lian. Before Haldric left, Typhon told him that he needed to return to his fellow mermen, but that those of the mermen who had already fought for Haldric were willing to remain.[a] After leaving, he received word that Haldric was sending a no more than a third of the fleet back to the Green Isle to search for refugees.[4]


  1. ^ On easy difficulty, Typhon allowed Haldric to continue using the mermen's services.


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