A Spy in the Woods

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The Rise of Wesnoth interlude
A Spy in the Woods

Grey Woods, Great Continent

  • Elves agree to break the Pact of Mutual Aid.
  • Humans discover the elves' betrayal.


The Ka'lian
The Vanguard

A Spy in the Woods is the fourth interlude in The Rise of Wesnoth campaign.


The orcs invaded the Green Isle, causing most of the inhabitant humans to flee east across the Great Ocean to the Great Continent, led by Prince Haldric.[1] Before their departure, however, the Lich-Lord Jevyan sensed that Haldric possessed the Ruby of Fire. While the refugees sailed across the ocean, Jevyan's familiar spied upon them from a distance.[2][3] Jevyan took a group of orcs and, seizing the remaining ships on the Green Isle, set sail for the Great Continent himself.[4]

After Haldric negotiated a Pact of Mutual Aid with the continental elves in the Grey Woods, he was approached by Commander Aethyr, who covertly informed him that they had been followed. Though Haldric swiftly left to meet the orcish threat, Lady Jessene decided to remain behind, suspicious of the elves.[5] Sure enough, one of the elves of the Ka'lian, Lord Logalmier, received word from his outriders that the orcs had arrived on the Great Continent.[6]


As Jessene spied upon the elves, she overheard Logalmier speak of their knowledge of the orcs. Lady Dionli reasoned that Haldric had somehow drawn the orcs with the Ruby of Fire, which she had been able to sense, although she commented that the orcs would be unable to sense the true importance of such an artifact, and thus that there was another greater force at play.[6]

Lord Aryad advised the Ka'lian to initially aid the humans, but that if orcs continued to arrive, that they would refuse aid then deal with the survivors by making a compromise with the dwarves. Dionli reminded him of the Pact of Mutual Aid they had just made with the humans, but Logalmier insisted that the humans unimportant enough for the elves to break their pledge. Despite Dionli's reluctance, the council agreed unanimously to Aryad's proposition. Jessene hurried back to Haldric to share the news of the elves' betrayal.[6]


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