Return to Oldwood

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The Rise of Wesnoth interlude
Return to Oldwood

Oldwood Forest, Green Isle


The Stormvale refugees leave the forest.


Stormvale refugees


Oldwood woses


Temple in the Deep
Clearwater Port

Return to Oldwood is the first interlude in The Rise of Wesnoth campaign.


While fleeing from an orcish invasion, Stormvale's refugees had journeyed into the Oldwood Forest, home of a number of woses, led by Elilmaldur-Rithrandil, under attack from the orcs. The refugees' leader, Prince Haldric, helped to drive out the orcs. Elilmaldur-Rithrandil offered to open the catacombs below a temple nearby,[1] wherein Haldric defeated the Lich-Lord Lenvan and stole the Ruby of Fire.[2]

While Haldric had been in the catacombs, the leader of the Wesfolk, Lady Jessene, had scouted the path ahead. She had discovered that the orcs blocked the route south to Southbay, but the Swamp of Esten had prevented them from blocking the path east to Clearwater Port. She then traveled to the Oldwood Forest to impart this information.[3]


Upon emerging from the temple catacombs in the late fall, Haldric returned to his former base of operations in the Oldwood Forest and was met by Elilmaldur-Rithrandil, alongside fellow woses Talodulborentan, Gullatendronnorbum, Orofarnië, Bolwuldelman, Bregalad and Dolmannumbil. Haldric realized that he was unsure where to travel to next, wishing to reach Southbay without being intercepted by the orcs. Elilmaldur-Rithrandil informed him that though he was indebted to Haldric, he was unable to provide further assistance outside the forest. With winter approaching, the Stormvale refugees, and those he had picked up along the way, faced starvation if they failed to leave the forest.[3]

signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to spare the Wesfolk leader's life
The Lady Outlaw returned to Haldric, informing him of her discovery of orcs blocking the route to Southbay. She advised him instead to journey to Clearwater Port. Though the advice seemed helpful, Haldric was still suspicious of her, as she hadn't even revealed her name yet.[3]
signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to execute the Wesfolk leader
The Wesfolk leader emerged and despite Haldric's mistrust, she spoke of the orcs blocking the route to Southbay, suggesting that the Wesfolk join the Stormvale refugees, and that they travel east to Clearwater Port instead. Haldric first demanded an explanation for the Wesfolk's decision to allow the Lich-Lords to rule them. She explained the advantages of necromancy, such as immortality. Nonetheless, Haldric remained skeptical of her trustworthiness.[3]

She removed her hood and told Haldric that her name was Jessene, and that she had been a former princess and noblewoman of the Wesfolk. She spoke of the Lich-Lords betrayal of the Wesfolk by using the orcs, and how this made her as much of a refugee as Haldric. She insisted that they make haste before winter's arrival, meeting Haldric's assent. He said his goodbyes to Elilmaldur-Rithrandil before leading their combined forces out of the forest.[3]


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