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The Rise of Wesnoth epilogue

Western coast, Great Continent


Kingdom of Wesnoth founded.


Stormvale refugees



The Rise of Wesnoth

Epilogue is the conclusion to The Rise of Wesnoth campaign.


When the Lich-Lords opened numerous gateways, allowing orcs to invade the Green Isle,[1] Prince Haldric was forced to evacuate the Kingdom of Stormvale's populace.[2] As they hurried through the Southern Pass, they came across Burin, who enthusiastically agreed to join the company.[3]

signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to go southeast
As he led his people through the Swamp of Esten, he encountered Minister Edren, who offered to accompany the refugees on their journey. Before they could continue on their way, they were intercepted by Sir Ruddry, who warned them of danger ahead. Ruddry also offered his services, and remained with Haldric for the journey.[4]
signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to go southwest
While travelling through the Midlands, he was stopped from continuing to Southbay by Sir Ladoc, who warned them of danger ahead. Ladoc offered his services, and remained with Haldric for the journey.[5]

They changed course for the Oldwood Forest,[6] wherein Haldric obtained the Ruby of Fire.[7] The leader of a group of Wesfolk, Lady Jessene, then told Haldric to avoid the road to Southbay, advising him to travel first to Clearwater Port.[8] It was there that they met Commander Aethyr, and aided him in the port's evacuation, although Aethyr remained behind.[9] At Southbay, Jessene convinced King Addroran IX to allow his people to sail east to the Great Continent, although once again, Addroran chose to remain behind.[10] Before they left, however, the Lich-Lord Jevyan discovered that Haldric had the Ruby of Fire.[11] His familiar followed the refugees on their voyage east.[12][13][14]

Once at the Great Continent, Haldric sent back some ships to search for survivors.[14] He negotiated a deal with the continental elves for land, and formed the Pact of Mutual Aid, whereby the elves and humans would help each other in their times of need. Meanwhile, Aethyr had been rescued by Haldric's ships, and once at the Great Continent, hurried to Haldric to covertly inform him that they had been followed by the orcs. While Haldric and Aethyr hurried west to confront the enemy, Jessene remained behind to spy on the elves.[15] She discovered that the elves had also learned of the orcish threat, and reconsidered their pact with the humans, prepared to turn on the humans if the orcs became a persistent threat.[16]

Jessene told Haldric the news and correctly speculated that Jevyan had sent the orcs in pursuit of the Ruby of Fire. Haldric then had Jessene hide the ruby. He defeated Jevyan's vanguard,[17] secured the beachhead, then pulled Jessene aside to speak in private.[18] A plan was hatched that Aethyr, who had volunteered for the role, would die in battle with a forged treaty on his person, such that Jevyan's forces would be deceived into believing the Ruby of Fire now belonged to the elves.[19]

The humans advanced on Jevyan's position and Aethyr died in battle, successfully carrying out the deception. Haldric then managed to slay Jevyan and most of his orcish warlords, allowing one to escape with the false news regarding the Ruby of Fire, so that the other Lich-Lords would not attack the humans. Haldric then brought his close companions together to bury Aethyr and speak of their future.[20]


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Edren officiated Aethyr's funeral, assuring present company that Aethyr was now in the Halls of Light.[21]

Haldric said words mourning the loss not only of Aethyr, but also of people such as his deceased father, King Eldaric IV, and Addroran. He then prepared to reveal his subterfuge to the other companions besides Jessene, making them pledge never to speak of it. He told them of the trickery, receiving mixed reaction from the company. He assured them that they would come to the aid of the elves and uphold the pact.[21]

He announced his own plans to found the humans' own nation, settling away from the coast. He asked his company what their own personal plans were. Burin announced that he would help his fellow dwarves navigate underground to different places using his knowledge in this area.[21]

signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to go southeast
Edren decided that he would form a new order of magi using the wisdom he had gained over the course of their journey. Sir Ruddry decided that he would establish a new order of knights for Haldric's new kingdom.[21]
signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to go southwest
Sir Ladoc decided that he would establish a new order of knights for Haldric's new kingdom.[21]

Realizing that he was truly a king, Haldric pondered over what to name his new kingdom. At Jessene's suggestion, he named it "Wesnoth", referring to how the humans had arrived from the west-north. He also emphasized the importance of the unity between their two races, and asked for Jessene's hand in marriage. She accepted his offer, and thus became the Queen consort of Wesnoth.[21]


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