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Title(s): Lich-Lord
Gender: Male
Unit type(s): Ancient Lich

Jevyan (also known as Lich-Lord Jevyan) was one of the Wesfolk leaders who became a Lich-Lord. To defend himself against the kingdoms of the Green Isle, he retaliated by opening gateways for armies of orcs to pour through. He laid siege to Southbay and discovered that one of its inhabitants, Prince Haldric had the Ruby of Fire, a powerful artifact which had once been in the possession of the Lich-Lords.

He attempted to seize the Ruby of Fire, but Haldric defeated his forces and fled east to the Great Continent. Jevyan's familiar spied upon Haldric during the voyage, allowing Jevyan to follow them. Upon arriving on the shores of the Great Continent, a portion of Jevyan's forces seized the coast to prevent further human refugees from landing, but were later defeated.

Haldric attacked Jevyan and his forces, Jevyan no longer able to sense the Ruby of Fire. Through the sacrifice of Commander Aethyr, Haldric persuaded Jevyan that he had sold the ruby to the elves. Haldric eventually managed to slay Jevyan and vanquish all but one of his orcish warlords.


Purging the Green Isle

King Addroran, your day is done. Prepare to be ground to dust. If you're lucky I may raise you from death for my own amusement.
—The Lich-Lord Jevyan threatens King Addroran.

Before transforming into a lich, Jevyan was one of the Wesfolk, and migrated with them from the Old Continent to the Green Isle. After the first Wesfolk War, the remaining Wesfolk were pushed onto more marginal lands in the northwest, while Jevyan resided within his haven. After the Second Crown Prince of Southbay pursued another war against the Wesfolk, Jevyan and the other remaining Lich-Lords believed that, if they were to survive, that they would need to open gateways to the Old Continent, allowing hordes of orcs to pass through.[1][2]

Jevyan commanded armies of orcs, causing the human Wesfolk to flee.[2] Taking revenge for Wesfolk War, he killed the Crown Prince of Southbay and reanimated his body.[3] He began to take over the Green Isle, destroying first Stormvale,[4] then the Midlands,[5] and then moved towards taking Clearwater Port and Southbay.[6] Once in Southbay, he threatened to kill its king, Addroran IX, and reanimate his body.[3]

The Ruby of Fire

Casting fire is the least of the Ruby's abilities. You are twice a fool, for having failed to plumb more than its most trivial use and for having given it away.
—The Lich-Lord Jevyan scorns Prince Haldric for not realizing the Ruby of Fire's true power.

Shortly after his arrival in Southbay, Jevyan sensed the Ruby of Fire, a powerful artifact which once belonged to the Lich-Lords.[3][7] He departed from the battlefield, leaving behind the Crown Prince's reanimated corpse, much to Addroran's horror. His forces were defeated, however, and Haldric fled eastwards towards the Great Continent.[3] Jeyvan nevertheless monitored Haldric with his familiar, observing them until they arrived in the Great Continent.[8][9][10]

Jevyan gathered together the ships still remaining on Green Isle, setting sail with his orcish army to the Great Continent. After landing at the western coast of the Great Continent, they were observed by Commander Aethyr, who reported back to Haldric of the threat. A number of Jevyan's forces were sent to kill Haldric, but were unsuccessful.[11] Haldric then advanced towards the shoreline, where Jevyan's forces prevented numerous ships from landing. Part way through the battle, Jevyan interrupted the battle, only to realize that he could no longer sense the presence of the Ruby of Fire. Believing Haldric to be somehow concealing his power, he cast a curse of darkness upon Haldric's men before leaving. Despite this, Haldric cleared the shoreline of orcs and undead, allowing his ships to land.[12]

Haldric's forces then advanced upon Jevyan's position. Jevyan offered to accept the Ruby of Fire in return for peace, but Lady Jessene told him that they had given the Ruby of Fire to the elves in order to obtain land. Unpersuaded, Jevyan continued to fight, and raised the dead against Haldric's men. In the ensuing battle, Jevyan managed to kill Aethyr, only to discover a treaty describing the aforementioned transaction written in elf script.[13] Unknown to him, the treaty had been forged in order to persuade the other Lich-Lords to focus their efforts on the elves.[14] He continued to fight, but was eventually defeated, while his warlords were vanquished. With his dying breath, he planted a curse upon Haldric with his dying breath.[13][a]


All life is finite; you will be made to serve along with the rest.
—The Lich-Lord Jevyan threatens to kill Commander Aethyr then reanimate his body.

Jevyan's defining characteristic was his thirst for power, particularly his desire to possess the Ruby of Fire,[3][13] to the extent that Jessene believed obtaining the Ruby was the very reason he had followed them at all.[11] Jevyan had no scruples preventing him from doing what he needed to obtain power, such as raising the weaker Wesfolk to be his mindless slaves,[2] ruthlessly betraying his own Wesfolk to the orcs, and shamelessly mocking his victims in battle.[3]

He also suffered from overconfidence, and on multiple occasions, he sent forces into battle who were later killed.[3][11][12] Even during his final battle, he was convinced that he would be able to kill Haldric and Aethyr and reanimate their bodies.[13]


  1. ^ It is unclear as to whether this curse had any effect on Haldric.


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