Old Continent

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Old Continent

The Old Continent was a large landmass west of the Great Ocean.


They pledged to visit all of the terrors of the hells upon the Isle. They built a great stone gate to the heart of the homeland of the orcs in the distant west! Now even we Wesfolk must flee or be slaves.
Lady Jessene speaks to Prince Haldric about the Old Continent.

The Old Continent lay on the western side of the Great Ocean. To its east lay the Green Isle, although the severity of the weather across the ocean prevented maintainable trade between the two landmasses.[1] The continent was the original homeland of the necromantic Wesfolk, though they later lost a war there and fled east to the Green Isle as refugees, bringing with them the Ruby of Fire.[2] The continent was also the historical homeland of the orcs, who were able to travel between the Old Continent and the Green Isle through gateways opened by the Wesfolk Lich-Lords.[1]


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