Green Isle

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Green Isle


A map of the Green Isle.

The Green Isle was an island to the west of the Great Continent. It was evacuated by its human populace after being invaded by the orcs.


Human settlers on the Green Isle.
In the days before Haldric the First saved our people and founded the country of Wesnoth, we came from an island kingdom far to the west...
—Lore describing the origins of the Kingdom of Wesnoth.

The Green Isle was an island in the Great Ocean, inhabited by a number of human kingdoms. To the distant west lay another continental mass, known as the Old Continent.[1] To the east lay the Great Continent.[2] Due to the fierce sailing conditions, trading between the Green Isle and the western continent was unmaintainable, while the Great Continent was almost impossible to reach.[1]

The island itself was home to a number of strong, prosperous human kingdoms, including Southbay, Clearwater, Stormvale, and the Midlands. Later, however, the Wesfolk, led by the Lich-Lords, migrated from the western continent as war refugees. The two ethnic groups warred against each other, and eventually the Green Isle kingdoms were victorious, forcing the Wesfolk into more marginal lands. Despite peace being officially reached, the Wesfolk would still raid the human kingdoms.[1] The island was also home to a group of woses, living in the Oldwood Forest.[3]

After the First Crown Prince of Southbay died under suspicious circumstances, his younger brother started a war of distraction against the Wesfolk. In retalliation, the Lich-Lords opened gateways to the western continent, allowing orcs to invade the Green Isle.[1] The humans were forced to flee the Green Isle, setting sail east for the Great Continent.[4] Though they were followed by many of the orcs,[5] the bulk of the orcish forces remained at the Green Isle.[6]


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