Oldwood Forest

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This article is about the forest. For the scenario, see The Oldwood.
Oldwood Forest

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The Oldwood Forest on a map of the Green Isle.

The Oldwood Forest was a forest on the Green Isle.


Branches reach high overhead, blocking almost all of the light... The ominous noises of the deep woods echo all around.
—Lore describes the Oldwood Forest.

The Oldwood Forest was situated in the heart of the Green Isle. To the west was the Swamp of Esten, while in the south was Clearwater Port and in the northeast was Blackmore. A road ran through the forest, although it narrowed to a mere path within its center. The forest was home to a number of woses, led by Elilmaldur-Rithrandil, as well as abnormally large mosquitos.[1]

For a long time, humans on the Green Isle had used the Oldwood Forest as a source of timber, much to the anger of the woses. They also built a temple, with catacombs thereunder. During the first Wesfolk War, the human kingdoms managed to seal the Lich-Lord Lenvan within the temple's catacombs behind a wall of magical energy. The woses were able to learn how to break the spell which would release the lich.[1]

After orcs invaded the Green Isle,[2] a group led by Tan-Gralg and Tan-Rugar entered the Oldwood Forest, looted its temple, and prepared for war against the woses. Shortly thereafter, Prince Haldric of Stormvale entered the forest and offered to help the woses in their defenses, killing each of the two chieftains. Elilmaldur-Rithrandil expressed his gratitude by allowing Haldric to enter the temple catacombs to retrieve a valuable artifact from Lenvan. The woses decided against accompanying the human refugees on their exodus south, however, stating that they would be unhelpful outside the forest and would likely survive the orcish arrival.[1]


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