Broken Mountains

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Kingdom of Stormvale

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The Broken Mountains on a map of the Green Isle.

The Broken Mountains were a mountain range stretching across the Green Isle.


Prince Haldric accompanies his refugees through the Broken Mountains.
We have to get out of the mountain pass before winter comes or we're all dead meat!
—Prince Haldric realizes that he must escape the Broken Mountains.

The Broken Mountains were a mountain range which spanned the length of the Green Isle from the southwest to the north. It separated the Kingdom of Stormvale and Jevyan's Haven from other kingdoms such as Southbay and Clearwater.[1] South of Stormvale was the southern pass, one of only two ways out of Stormvale.[2]

When the orcs invaded the Green Isle from the north, they flanked Stormvale's defenses in the north from the east in the Broken Mountains. This forced Prince Haldric to evacuate his populace and lead them through the southern pass.[2] During this period of time, they encountered Burin, a dwarf who had come to live in the Broken Mountains after getting lost underground. Though even more orcs flanked the humans from the east, Haldric defeated their two leaders and escaped the southern pass.[3]


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