Oldwood catacombs

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Oldwood catacombs

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The Oldwood catacombs on a map of the Green Isle.
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The Oldwood catacombs were a collection of catacombs which lay beneath the Oldwood Forest.


Prince Haldric enters the Oldwood catacombs.
Prince Haldric and his company, grim and watchful, descend into catacombs below the temple, buried deep in the bedrock, in the very roots of the world itself.
—Lore describing Prince Haldric's descent into the Oldwood catacombs.

The Oldwood catacombs lay beneath a temple in the Oldwood Forest. During the first Wesfolk War, the human kingdoms managed to seal the Lich-Lord Lenvan within the temple's catacombs behind a wall of magical energy. The woses of Oldwood Forest were able to learn how to break the spell which would release the lich.[1]

After orcs invaded the Green Isle,[2] a group led by Tan-Gralg and Tan-Rugar entered the Oldwood Forest and looted its temple. Haldric arrived at the Oldwood Forest, and after helping the woses to fend off the orcish threat, had the catacombs opened in order for him to enter.[1] Haldric descended into the catacombs with his men before fighting Lenvan's undead forces for control of the Ruby of Fire. After slaying Lenvan, he stole the Ruby of Fire and returned to the surface once more.[3]


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