Fallen Lich Point (peninsula)

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This article is about the peninsula. For the scenario, see Fallen Lich Point (scenario).
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Fallen Lich Point on a map of the Green Isle.

Fallen Lich Point (also known as Lich Point) was a peninsula on the Green Isle.


Yes, Lich Point! Where we first used our magi in battle, and turned the tide of war against your people.
Prince Haldric remembers the history of Fallen Lich Point.

Fallen Lich Point was a mountainous peninsula on the southern end of the Green Isle, inhabited by yetis. To its west lay Southbay; to the north, the Broken Mountains and Midlands; and to the northeast, Clearwater Port.[1] Between Fallen Lich Point and Southbay ran a sewer. During the first Wesfolk War, the point had been the location of a conflict between the Green Isle kingdoms and the Lich-Lord Caror. The humans were able to use magi to petrify Caror in stone along with his tome, the Book of Fire and Darkness.[2] There, a monolith was placed, allowing a noble from the line of kings to release Caror by speaking magic words.[1]

When orcs invaded the Green Isle, many of them attacked Southbay.[3] Others, including Ut'Tan-Grilg and Tan-Pulk, were stationed outside the sewer entrance. Despite promises made that they would be in Southbay before winter, they were still there when snow came. Prince Haldric arrived at the point with his fighting men, undid the spell upon Caror to seize the Book of Fire and Darkness, then fled into the sewer entrance before he could be stopped by the chieftains.[1]


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