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Era(s) Default Era
Race(s) Undead, Humans, Bats
Alignment(s) Chaotic
Recruitable Units Dark Adept, Ghost, Ghoul, Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Walking Corpse, Vampire Bat
Tactics How to play Undead
Unit Tree 1.16

The Undead are a faction of undead creatures and human practitioners of dark arts that usually accompany them. Often, these "Dark Adepts" are the units that do the most damage for the faction, but they have a major vulnerability - their practicing of this forbidden, evil magic has consumed all their energy and so they have no melee attack at all. The Undead are a very aggressive faction and the most powerful Default Era faction at nighttime.




A group of Undead fighting some
Rebels at Cynsaun Battlefield.

Main article: Undead (race)

Undead are not really a single race of creatures, although often treated as such. Almost any dead creature can, by a sufficiently skilled necromancer, be reanimated and rise again in undeath. Undead are for the most part unnatural but mindless constructs, obeying whoever created them without question nor thought. A greater mystery of necromancy is in how constructs are sustained without continuous effort from the necromancer. An undead creature does not require the constant attention of the necromancer to command and sustain, but can work autonomously according to the commands of it's master. Only rarely, perhaps once every few months, does the necromancer need to maintain his creation.


Main article: Humans

The race of men is an extremely diverse one. Although they originally came from the Old Continent, men have spread all over the world and split into many different cultures and races. Although they are not imbued with magic like other creatures, humans can learn to wield it and able to learn more types than most others. They have no extra special abilities or aptitudes except their versatility and drive. Although often at odds with all races, they can occasionally form alliances with the less aggressive races such as elves and dwarves. The less scrupulous among them do not shrink back from hiring orcish mercenaries, either. They have no natural enemies, although the majority of men, like most people of all races, have an instinctive dislike of the undead. Men are shorter than the elves, but taller still than dwarves. Their skin color can vary, from almost white to dark brown.


A Dread Bat.


Bats are flying beasts that feed on the blood of other creatures. While their fangs are not very powerful, the health of victims is drained away along with their blood, and given to the Bats. During battle, this unit can drain life from victims to renew its own health. Bats also have high movement over every terrain, making them a useful scout.


Main article: How to play Undead

An effective style of playing Undead is using the massive damage dealing Dark Adepts en masse. The most dreadful attacker of the Undead is also the most pitiful defender, being the only unit in Default to have no melee weapon. Because of this, an effective Undead commander needs a good mix of Skeletons, Adepts, and support units. The biggest aspect of Undead is almost overextending the army at night. Even Northerners can't keep up with the high damage except with having more units. Undead should usually make their first attacks with Adepts so that they can protect them with advancing forces that take the place of the units they defeat. Skeletons tend to do this best, as they are your heaviest melee hitter, and at night there isn't a single level 1 unit that can take them out in one attack.

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