Knalgan Alliance

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Knalgan Alliance
Era(s) Default Era
Race(s) Dwarves, Humans, Gryphons
Alignment(s) Neutral, Chaotic
Recruitable Units Dwarvish Guardsman, Dwarvish Fighter, Dwarvish Ulfserker, Dwarvish Thunderer, Thief, Poacher, Footpad, Gryphon Rider
Tactics How to play Knalgans
Unit Tree 1.16

The Knalgan Alliance is a faction of Dwarves and their outlaw Human allies. Dwarves are an old race who live underground and have tough, but short, warriors. The outlaws are humans who are not socially acceptable among others of their race, but have become allies of the dwarves due to common enemies. This leads to a combination of tough and defensive dwarves who are only good on certain terrain and humans who can cover ground that dwarves are not good at fighting in.



Main article: Dwarves

The Dwarves are a race famed for their miners, blacksmiths, merchants and warriors. Considered as the third oldest race on the great continent after the elves and trolls, their early history is shrouded in mystery. Legends tell of a time long forgotten when their people began emerging from their underground world through caves. Nothing is known about their life prior to their arrival, or their reasons for entering the surface world, but they have been an integral part of the continent’s history since. Soon after their emergence from the underground, the dwarves entered into conflict with the original inhabitants of the land, the elves. The original reason for their dispute has been lost to history, but the two races have since fought three long wars, interrupted by a few decades of peace. During these wars the dwarves could not dislodge the elves from the deep forests in the south, but managed to consolidate their position in hills and the mountains in the north of the continent, known now as the Northlands. Since then they have constructed fantastic fortifications and settlements deep within the mountains and crags of their territory.


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The race of men is an extremely diverse one. Although they originally came from the Old Continent, men have spread all over the world and split into many different cultures and races. Although they are not imbued with magic like other creatures, humans can learn to wield it and able to learn more types than most others. They have no extra special abilities or aptitudes except their versatility and drive. Although often at odds with all races, they can occasionally form alliances with the less aggressive races such as elves and dwarves. The less scrupulous among them do not shrink back from hiring orcish mercenaries, either. They have no natural enemies, although the majority of men, like most people of all races, have an instinctive dislike of the undead. Men are shorter than the elves, but taller still than dwarves. Their skin color can vary, from almost white to dark brown.


These majestic and powerful creatures are masters of the sky. Gryphons are both dangerous and wary of other intelligent creatures, but some are able to bond with the mighty Gryphons. Those who do may become Gryphon Riders, and discover the world of the skies upon the backs of these flying beasts.


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The Knalgans have the greatest flexibility of any faction. Because of this, there is no one way to play the Knalgans. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the personality of the person commanding the Knalgans. They can use Dwarves for power and defense and outlaws for movement and low prices. Keep in mind that that the Dwarves should stay in mountains, hills, and other high-defense terrain and the Outlaws should stay in any non-grassland terrain.

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