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This article is about the kingdoms. For the scenario, see The Midlands.

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The Midlands on a map of the Green Isle.
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The Midlands were a cluster of kingdoms on the Green Isle.


Prince Haldric sees the ruins of the Midlands.
To the southwest lay the Midlands. These were prosperous kingdoms, nestled between hill and forest.
—Lore describing the Midlands.

The Midlands were a group of prosperous kingdoms of the Green Isle. To their northwest lay the Broken Mountains; to their northeast, the Oldwood Forest; to their southeast, Clearwater Port; and to their southwest, Southbay. They were important trade partners with the other kingdoms of the Green Isle, especially Southbay, exporting large amounts of grain as well as lumber and gemstones. When the orcs invaded the Green Isle, they advanced upon the Midlands, sacking the kingdoms. The orcish warlords Tan-Vrodis, Tan-Bok, and Tan-Hogar were left to guard its smoking ruins. The orcs did not expect to encounter any further enemies at the Midlands.[1]

signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to travel southwest.
While leading Stormvale refugees out of the southern pass, Prince Haldric was forced either to travel southeast through the Swamp of Esten or southwest through the Midlands. He chose the latter, despite his uncertainty as to whether the orcs had yet invaded the region.[2] Upon nearing the Midlands, he sighted smoke rising from the former kingdoms. His men fell upon the orcs, defeating them and killing the three leaders.[1]


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