Southbay sewers

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Southbay sewers

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Southbay sewers on a map of the Green Isle.

The Southbay sewers were the underground sewerage system of the Kingdom of Southbay.


This isn't an old maid’s drain pipe, this is the sewer of Southbay. It is said that the city diverted an underground river for its own use, and let their own effluent run down the old river bed.
Prince Haldric warns his men to be careful in the sewers.

The Southbay sewers are believed to have originally been formed from an underground river. It ran the distance from Southbay itself to Fallen Lich Point. At one point, the twin magi Tinry the Red and Daellyn the Red were banished into the sewers along with their followers. In the year 1BW, Prince Haldric and his men entered the far end of the sewer and fought their way past the two magi to reemerge within Southbay.[1]


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