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Kingdom of Clearwater

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Kingdom of Clearwater on a map of the Green Isle.
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Clearwater (also known as the Kingdom of Clearwater and Clearwater Port) was one of the kingdoms of the Green Isle.


To your posts, men! We should be able to evacuate everyone in three more boatloads. Until then, let us make those orcs pay dearly for every inch of our land. For our homes, for our people, for our fallen king!
Commander Aethyr rallies his men in defense of Clearwater.

Clearwater was the second largest of a multitude of prosperous kingdoms on the Green Isle,[1][2] situated at the east of island. To its north lay the Oldwood Forest; to the northwest, the Swamp of Esten; to the east, the Great Ocean[a]; and to the distant southwest, the Kingdom of Southbay.[1] It participated in the first Wesfolk War, during which they developed their first knowledge of magic.[2] It would likely have been the largest kingdom on the Green Isle, had it not been for the Lich-Lords' decision to damage the land surrounding an important river road to the west, turning it into a swamp. Due to cultists regularly settling in the swamp, Clearwater had to clear the swamp each spring and fall.[1]

Upon becoming aware of the orcish invasion of the Green Isle, Clearwater pressed its men of fighting age to serve in its large army. Its expeditionary force ran into the orcs, only Sir Ruddry surviving the slaughter.[1] The King of Clearwater's forces later engaged the orcish army as they exited the Swamp of Esten, yet despite initially pushing the orcs back, reinforcements arrived and overwhelmed them, killing the king. With no heir to take the throne and the nobles of Clearwater fled to Southbay, Commander Aethyr was left in charge of evacuating the survivors. Clearwater's fishing fleet was repurposed for transporting their refugees and winter supplies to Southbay.[3]

Prince Haldric of Stormvale arrived at Clearwater with a large number of refugees from his own kingdom as well as some Wesfolk. They estimated that, by evacuating their remaining combined populaces, they needed three more shiploads. Haldric's forces aided Aethyr before fleeing on one of the ships. Some people, including Aethyr, remained behind to defend what remained of their city.[3] They intended to make their last stand in the lighthouse until a ship came by, sent by Haldric from the Great Continent.[4][5] One of the remaining soldier's hit Aethyr on the head before taking him to the ship to flee the port.[5]


  1. ^ The Great Ocean was known to the people of the Green Isle as the Eastern Ocean.[2]


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