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Title(s): Knight of Clearwater
Gender: Male


Unit type(s): Knight

Ruddry (also known as Sir Ruddry) was a knight and member of the Clearwater Port expeditionary force.


Sir Ruddry was a knight of Clearwater and a member of the Clearwater Port expeditionary force. His companions ran into a very large army of orcs, and he was the sole survivor.[1]

Return to Clearwater Port

I'm the sole survivor of the Clearwater Port expeditionary force. Trust me, you can't continue down this road, Sir. Especially with the refugees, you'll be slaughtered.
—Sir Ruddry tells Prince Haldric not to continue towards Clearwater Port.
signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to travel southeast
After avoiding being killed by the orcs, Ruddry came across a group of humans marching through the Swamp of Esten, traveling in the direction of the orcish army. He warned them of the danger there, and the leader of the humans identified himself as Prince Haldric, asking if Ruddry had abandoned his post. Ruddry spoke of how his force had been routed. After Haldric inquired as to whether Clearwater Port was still standing, Ruddry spoke of it as likely, even in spite of the number of orcs attacking it. Haldric realized that he would have to change course as a result, traveling to Clearwater Port through the Oldwood Forest instead of continuing directly to Southbay. Ruddry offered his services for the march ahead.[1]

Ruddry accompanied Haldric's refugees through the Oldwood Forest where they aided Elilmaldur-Rithrandil's woses against a band of orcs. In return, Elimaldur-Rithrandil opened some temple catacombs for Haldric's forces to search for the Ruby of Fire.[2] Ruddry helped Haldric to destroy the Lich-Lord Lenvan and escape with the Ruby of Fire.[3] They returned to the surface late into the fall, uncertain what to do next. Lady Jessene appeared and advised that they travel to Clearwater Port instead of Southbay.[4]

Upon arriving at Clearwater Port with the orcs close behind, Ruddry was relieved to see that it had not yet fallen. Haldric quickly realized that they would need to hold out against the orcs until enough ships came to evacuate as many of the refugees to Southbay as possible. Ruddry aided Haldric in the evacuation until they were forced to flee before the port froze over. Instead of sailing directly to Southbay, they chose instead to take an alternative route, and claim a valuable artifact from Fallen Lich Point.[5]

Fleeing the Green Isle

signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to travel southeast
When they landed at Fallen Lich Point, they found the petrified Lich-Lord Caror. Haldric uttered the magic words which freed Caror, who immediately cried out for the Ruby of Fire. Ruddry helped Haldric to kill him and seize the Book of Fire and Darkness, an artifact necessary for using the Ruby of Fire. They then hurried into the sewers, which were protected by a group of orcs.[6]

Haldric's forces made their way through the sewers, fighting off a pair of banished magi there, eventually reaching the other side.[7] They emerged in Southbay and earned an audience with King Addroran, who requested that they provide martial aid until they could evacuate.[8] They held out against a group of orcs and undead, lead by the Lich-Lord Jevyan, before rigging the ships and setting sail east for the Great Continent.[9]

Haldric laid anchor at the northernmost island of Morogor to re-provision his ships. Ruddry aided the refugees in pacifying the drakes there before they set sail once more.[10] As they continued sailing, the weather became quite severe, forcing them to make an emergency landing at a nearby archipelago. They fought against a number of nagas before they managed to regroup their ships.[11] They set sail again, and eventually landed at the Great Continent during the summer.[12]

Upon landing at the Bay of Pearls on the western coast of the Great Continent, however, they were confronted by a group of hostile elves and dwarves, and nearly engaged in battle, only to be interrupted by Lady Dionli, who demanded that the fighting cease and requested that they make their way to the Ka'lian, a ruling group of elves in the Grey Woods.[12]


For all of the good people of Clearwater Port!
—Sir Ruddry charges into battle against Jevyan's forces.
signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to to travel southeast
Brought before the Ka'lian, Haldric struck a deal, allowing his refugees to settle in the Great Continent undisturbed provided that he carry out a group of four quests for the elves.[13]
The order of the following events is contingent on in-game decisions.
icon-editor.png Haldric killed the Dragon
Ruddry traveled with Haldric to the Green Swamp, wherein they found a small island, speculating that the dragon lived in the mountain thereupon. Surrounding the mountain were scores of saurians, as well as a number of bats and mudcrawlers. As they engaged in battle, the dragon, Shek'kahan, emerged from the mountain and attacked Haldric's men. Eventually, the group managed to slay Shek'kahan and steal his gold, before returning to the Ka'lian, where Lord Logalmier remarked how impressed he was.[14]
icon-editor.png Haldric drove away the metal-trading saurians
Ruddry traveled northwest with Haldric to the beach where the saurian traders were at work. Upon seeing the advancing humans, the saurians prepared themselves to hold the beach until their naga reinforcements arrived, sending mudcrawlers and scorpions against Haldric. As Haldric's forces pushed closer to the saurians' base of operations, a band of nagas came to the aid of the saurians, hoping to protect their trading partnership. Nevertheless, Haldric cleared the beach of enemies, before returning with his men to the Ka'lian.[15]
icon-editor.png Haldric eradicated the trolls
An elven guide led Haldric's men to the entrance to the cave of trolls. Within the cave, Haldric encountered a large number of trolls, as well as giant spiders. The group managed to kill each of the four troll warriors occupying the caves, before ascending to the surface and returning to the Ka'lian.[16]
icon-editor.png Haldric ended the curse upon the Isle of Tears
Ruddry returned with Haldric to their original landing point, from which they sailed to the Isle of Tears, covered in a thick fog. Haldric and some of his men, including Ruddry, landed on the island, organizing to be picked up once they had finished clearing the island. They fought against various undead forces, killing the two spectres who controlled the island. Having purged the undead from the island, they set sail once more and returned to the Ka'lian.[17]

Having completed each of the quests, Haldric was granted an area of land to settle in. He was however compelled to make a 'Pact of Mutual Aid', such that he would come to the aid of elves if it were ever required of him. Before they could leave, Commander Aethyr from Clearwater Port appeared and subtly informed them that they had been followed by the orcs. They hastened west to meet the oncoming army.[13]

They met the vanguard of the orcish force, as well as a group of undead, allied together. After a fierce battle, they slew the leaders of the vanguard, before continuing west.[18] Upon reaching the coast, they saw that the remaining refugee ships were prevented from landing by various undead and orcish troops. Despite Jevyan's influence in the battle, they cleared the shoreline, allowing the last of the refugees to land.[19]

The group found where Jevyan's had first made landfall and Haldric tricked Jevyan and the majority of his troops into believing that the Ruby of Fire had been given to the elves. Despite the perceived loss of a valuable artifact, neither Edren nor the other men were not discouraged. Their forces met in battle, and though Aethyr was eventually slain at Jevyan's hands, the battle turned in Haldric's favour. All but one of the orcish warlord who had served Jevyan were slain, while Jevyan himself was killed. The final orcish warlord fled west back to the Green Isle, signifying a victorious battle.[20]

Later life

Lord, I shall guard your secret until the day of my death.
—Sir Ruddry swears never to speak of Haldric's subterfuge.
signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to to travel southeast
Ruddry attended a funeral service for Aethyr officiated by Minister Edren, with Haldric's closest friends in attendance, specifically Jessene and Burin. The company were sworn to secrecy regarding a secret Haldric wished to share. He then revealed that he had never given the Ruby of Fire to the elves, rather that they had forged a false treaty to confuse the orcs, and that the Ruby of Fire was merely hidden.[21]

Each of the company were asked what they would do from there on. Ruddry decided that he would serve Haldric's new kingdom by establishing an order of knights. He also witnessed the founding of the Kingdom of Wesnoth, as well as the engagement of newly crowned King Haldric and Jessene.[21][21]


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