Isle of Tears

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Isle of Tears

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The Isle of Tears on a map of the Great Continent.

The Isle of Tears was one of the islands that made up the Three Sisters.


We have heard only the worst things about this place, my lord. It is said that the legions of the undead have come here in great numbers and devastated the island into an ugly wasteland.
—Kalba warns Konrad of the Isle of Tears' undead inhabitants.

The Isle of Tears was the northernmost and largest of the Three Sisters, a group of islands off the shores of the Great Continent.[1][2] The volcanic island had originally been home to a clan of elves, who built three temples thereupon. The clan eventually fell under the sway of a dark curse, transforming the elves into undead,[3] ruled over by the Midnight Queen.[1]

When Prince Haldric arrived at the Great Continent,[4] he was commissioned by Lord El'Isomithir with the task of putting the elvish souls to rest.[3] He sailed to the island with his men and eradicated large quantities of undead.[1]

Following the island's purging, all that was left of the Midnight Queen was a spectre, who took instead to commanding scorpions. With the disappearance of most of the undead, ogres came to dominate the island. Some years thereafter, a group of drakes led by Galun arrived at the Three Sisters and defeated all its units. Though Galun considered settling there, he chose to move on to the Great Continent.[5] Despite all this, however, the undead managed to reclaim the Isle of Tears some time later.[2]

Delurin and a number of outlaws, who had previously fought against Queen Asheviere,[6] also came to hide on the island. The white mage Moremirmu also took refuge in one of the old elvish temples, planning to seize control of the island from the undead.[2]

signpost.png Plot branch : Konrad chose to sail to Elensefar
While sailing north along the western coast of the Great Continent to Elensefar, Konrad fell overboard and was taken to the Isle of Tears by his merfolk followers. There, he had no option but to hold out against the undead until a ship returned to save him. He was able to receive help from Delurin's outlaws, and later found Moremirmu within his temple. Moremirmu joined their combined forces, and stated that he would accompany Konrad back to the Great Continent if they could clear the island.[2]
signpost.png Plot branch : Konrad defeated the undead
With the help of his new companions and the merfolk, Konrad successfully killed the two liches, Haf-Mal and Jarmal-Gorg. Soon thereafter, one of Konrad's galleons arrived to bring Konrad to Elensefar. He was joined by the outlaws who had fought alongside Konrad, as well as Moremirmu.[2]
signpost.png Plot branch : Konrad was rescued before he could defeat the undead
Despite the help of his new companions and the merfolk, Konrad was unable to kill the two liches before his galleon arrived to bring Konrad to Elensefar. Though he was joined by the outlaws, Moremirmu remained behind to defeat the undead.[2] He did later depart from the island to help Konrad along the northern road to Knalga, though did not accompany Konrad thereafter. He did not say whether he had finally defeated the undead.[7]


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