Western coast of the Great Continent

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Western coast of the Great Continent



The western coast of the Great Continent (also known as the Eastern Shore[a]) was the shoreline where the Great Continent met the Great Ocean.


A ship pulls into Blackwater Port along the western coast.
After a week's steady sailing eastward, they begin to hear the cries of gulls and feel the loom of the land. The Great Continent appears before them over the summer-lit seas.
—Ships from the Green Isle arrive at the western coast.

The western coast of the Great Continent sat on the edge of the Great Ocean and ran from the Frosty Waves in the north to the Southwood in the south.[1][2] Between these, from north to south, ran the Black Marshes, Tirigaz, Bitok, Jotha,[1] Delwyn, Elensefar, the Bay of Pearls, Aldril, Blackwater Port,[3] Aethenwood, and the Vale of Blossoming Trees.[2]

Prior to the arrival of the humans on the Great Continent, the western coast was primarily dominated by the elves,[4] although they were unable to control certain parts of the coast, such as one beach inhabited by mudcrawler-conjuring saurian traders,[5] or the Bay of Pearls' timber being plundered by dwarves.[4] When the humans arrived at the Great Continent, they negotiated with the elves and earned the plains to the north and south of the Great River, entitling them to the western coast.[6]

After the humans settled in the Great Continent, they established the coastal settlements of Elensefar,[7] Aldril,[8] and Blackwater Port.[9] Humans also came to dominate the Isle of Alduin, not far from the coast,[10] meaning that ships would travel between the island and the coast.[9]

During the reign of Queen Asheviere, multiple settlements on the western coast resisted her rule, including Blackwater Port,[11] Delwyn,[3] and Elensefar.[12] Despite her attempts to dominate the western coast using orcs,[13] her attempts to control these places were thwarted,[11][12] eventually ceasing with her defeat at the hands of the rebels.[14]


  1. ^ The merfolk referred to the western coast as the Eastern Shore, due to their perspective from the Great Ocean.[15]


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