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Faction(s) Northerners, Dunefolk
Alignment(s) Neutral
Race tree 1.16

The serpentine nagas are one of the least understood races of the Great Continent. Part of this is due to their xenophobic nature and part is due to their alien environment. Nagas are one of the few races capable of any meaningful mobility in water, giving them access to a whole world effectively forbidden to land dwellers and further separating them from the terrestrial beings that they shun. Still, they are not true creatures of the sea, and their inability to breathe water leaves them in trepidation of the abyss. Living in coastal areas gives them an escape route on land against denizens of the deep while keeping them out of reach of those who travel by foot, wing, and hoof. Although nagas are somewhat frail in form, they are often faster and more nimble than their opponents. They sometimes find themselves at odds with merfolk when their territories overlap, but overall nagas tend to favor swamps and rivers as much as open water.

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