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Faction(s) None
Alignment(s) Neutral
Race tree 1.16

Ogres are a wild and uncivilized race who dwell mainly in the wilderness of the Great Continent. Physically, they resemble humans and orcs but are larger and stronger. Even their adolescents are more than a match for most men. Ogres are distrusted in many populated areas and usually either avoid them or are driven out by force. Instead, they lurk the mountainous areas on the edges of civilization, where hungry ogre bandits provide a constant threat to travelers and caravans. While ogres are not particularly intelligent or quick, their toughness and physical strength make them a valuable asset in the armies of other races. They are especially valued by more ruthless commanders who don't mind the ogres' brutality. Little is known about their biology or society, if they can truly be said to have one, but they are said to attack alongside wolves and other beasts. Whether this is a sign of cooperation, domestication, or simply mutual opportunism is not known.

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