Addroran IX

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Addroran IX
Title(s): King of Southbay
Gender: Male


Unit type(s): Grand Knight

Addroran IX was the final King of Southbay, reigning until Southbay's invasion by the orcs. Though he had two sons, the first died under mysterious circumstances, while the second was slain and reanimated by the Lich-Lord Jevyan. Addroran provided temporary refuge to the people of Stormvale and Clearwater, as well as the Wesfolk. He was responsible for the evacuation of the Kingdom of Southbay, but ultimately perished there.


You’ve done your father proud. Far better than my legacy, a dead adventurer and a missing fool! It is fitting that my line should end with my kingdom.
—King Addroran expresses his grievances to Prince Haldric.
The Crown Prince of Southbay speaks to King Addroran (right) of the Great Continent.

Addroran was the King of Southbay, and father to two sons. His eldest son and crown prince was a skilled adventurer, and the first human from the Green Isle to lead a successful voyage to the Great Continent. Some time after returning, however, fell fatally ill. Upon passing away, Addroran's younger son inherited the position of crown prince, and began the second Wesfolk War against the Wesfolk in the north-west.[1]

A large host of orcs attacked Southbay from the north,[2] and many refugees arrived from Clearwater on ships, which had likewise been invaded.[3] Addroran was successful in repelling the first orcish assault.[4]

During the winter, Haldric and his refugees arrived in Southbay via their sewerage system, seeking an audience with Addroran. Addroran allowed entry to all but the Wesfolk, whom he kept outside in the cold. He requested that Haldric provide martial aid, who in turn pledged his allegiance. Addroran praised Haldric's likeness to King Eldaric, Haldric's father, and dolefully described the contrast between the two kingdom's legacies. Recognizing that Lady Jessene, a Wesfolk, had managed to escape detection and accompany Haldric into king's presence, he ordered she be cast out, before being persuaded to grant the Wesfolk refuge by Haldric.[4]

Jessene informed Addroran that she could translate the contents of the Book of Fire and Darkness, a valuable artifact Haldric had acquired. She also revealed that she had accompanied the first crown prince as a navigator on his voyage to the Great Continent, urging Addroran also to send his people east. He initially insisted that they were capable of taking back the Green Isle, but she convinced him that the sheer number of orcs would be too great to remain on the island. He offered the refugees a place to stay for the winter, suggesting they provision their ships with fish before departing. However, because of what seemed to be the end of his bloodline, he stated his intention to remain at Southbay in order to lead the evacuation efforts, placing the responsibility of travelling to the Great Continent on Haldric's shoulders.[4]

After several months, once the snow had given way to spring, orcs set up camp to the north and south. With the ships still unprepared for an evacuation, Addroran remained manned the defences at Southbay while commissioning Haldric to lead a force against their invaders. As the sun set on the battle field, the Lich-Lord Jevyan appeared with threats to kill Addroran and reanimate his body. To Addroran's horror, Jevyan left behind the reanimated corpse of his son, the second crown prince. Shortly thereafter, a group of mermen led by Lord Typhon arrived at Southbay and were enlisted to aid in the battle. Eventually, the orcs were defeated, and Haldric set sail, agreeing to send more ships back to rescue the remaining refugees still at Southbay.[5]

Some ships were sent back to the Green Isle to pick up refugees, by which time the orcs had already commandeered the ships still remaining on the island.[6] Addroran, however, was eventually slain at Southbay in the year 1BW.[7][a]


No. Flee, and flee east. It is my duty to hold this city as long as I can for the sake of all who can be evacuated. That means that it shall fall on Haldric and you to lead the evacuation.
—King Addroran resolves himself to fight to the death.

At the end of his life, Addroran took little pride in his eminence as a king, nor his lineage,[4] though the loss of his sons did cause him grief.[5] Nonetheless, he had a sense of honour, believing that it was better to die a noble death than to save his own life, as shown by his refusal to be evacuated from Southbay with Haldric.[4]

Despite his valor, Addroran held a prejudice against the Wesfolk, and initially refused them entry into Southbay, leaving them to the elements. Even when Addroran was informed of the help the Wesfolk had provided to Haldric's exodus, he had doubts. Despite his prejudice, Addroran conceded that Jessene spoke with wisdom, and took her counsel to heart.[4]


  1. ^ Haldric left Southbay during the spring,[5] and winter had not arrived by the time of Wesnoth's founding,[7] placing Addroran's death in the year 1BW.


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