Fallen Lich Point (scenario)

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This article is about the scenario. For the peninsula, see Fallen Lich Point (peninsula).

Fallen Lich Point is the eighth scenario in The Rise of Wesnoth campaign.


Prior to the first Wesfolk War, the Lich-Lord Caror studied the Ruby of Fire, and wrote his discoveries within a tome called the Book of Fire and Darkness. When war ensued between the Wesfolk and Prince Haldric's people, however, the latter used magi for the first time in battle, and successfully petrified Caror along with his tome, gaining an advantage over the Wesfolk.[1] The spell could only be broken when someone from the line of Green Isle kings uttered a magic phrase.[2]

After the Green Isle had been overwhelmed by orcs, Haldric was forced to lead the refugees of Stormvale,[3] with help from Lady Jessene's Wesfolk.[4] While in the Oldwood Forest, Haldric had descended beneath a temple, slain the Lich-Lord Lenvan, and obtained the Ruby of Fire.[5] Some time thereafter, they reached Clearwater Port, and set sail. Rather than traveling directly to the Kingdom of Southbay, Jessene decided to stop at the Fallen Lich Point to obtain the Book of Fire and Darkness to help understand the Ruby of Fire.[1]


  • Kill the lich to get his book
  • Haldric enters Southbay's sewer

Alternative objective:

  • Defeat all enemy leaders (early finish bonus)
  • Death of Prince Haldric
  • Death of Lady Jessene
  • Turns run out
Gold carryover:
  • 40% of gold carried over to the next scenario.

Haldric landed at Fallen Lich Point, though his arrival was noted by nearby orcs guarding the entrance to the sewers of Southbay. They disembarked, Jessene reassuring Haldric that she would probably be able to translate the Book of Fire and Darkness. As orcish warlords Ut'Tan-Grilg and Tan-Pulk mobilized for war, a pair of hostile yetis, Rarlg and Raul-Rarlg, appeared from the mountains nearby the orcs, attacking them.[2]

Upon arriving outside Caror's fortress, where he and his undead minions were petrified, Haldric found a monolith with an inscribed message briefly detailing the spell. Haldric uttered the words required in order for the spell to be undone, releasing Caror from his imprisonment, who immediately sensed the Ruby of Fire. The refugees slew Caror and seized the Book of Fire and Darkness from within his robes. They then hastened north, and despite the orcs' best efforts, they entered the sewer of Southbay.[2]


  1. ^ a b These units did not appear on easy difficulty.
  2. ^ This unit only appeared on hard difficulty.


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