A New Land (The Rise of Wesnoth)

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A New Land is the thirteenth scenario in The Rise of Wesnoth campaign.


The First Crown Prince of Southbay traveled east across the Great Ocean to the Great Continent, receiving aid from Lady Jessene and Lord Typhon.[1][2] There, he encountered the elves, including Glimir.[3] Upon returning to the Green Isle, however, he fell suspiciously ill and died. His younger brother launched a war of distraction against the Wesfolk, but provoked the Wesfolk's Lich-Lords into opening gateways to the Old Continent, allowing vast numbers of orcs to pour through.[4]

After the invasion of the Green Isle by orcs from the distant west,[4] the Kingdom of Stormvale's populace was evacuated by Prince Haldric.[5] He received help from Jessene in reaching the Kingdom of Southbay,[6] who in turn enlisted the aid of Typhon once more. Together, they set sail with the island's refugees east, but not before Haldric inadvertently drew the attention of the Lich-Lord Jevyan, who sensed that Haldric possessed the Ruby of Fire, a valuable artifact. Eventually, they managed to sight the shoreline of the Great Continent, pulling into the Bay of Pearls.[2]

Meanwhile, Dursil had encroached on elvish land in order to gather timber, thus violating the dwarves' treaty with the elves. Stories spread, however, of this violation, and Glimir came with Eowarar to the shoreline where Dursil was operating to confront him.[3]


The Green Isle refugees sight the Great Continent.
  • Defeat all enemy leaders
  • Death of Prince Haldric
  • Death of Lady Jessene
  • Death of Lord Typhon
Gold carryover:
  • You will receive a finish bonus — equal to an early finish bonus — for the number of turns you lasted.
  • 20% of finishing gold carried over to the next scenario.
  • Enemies will not initiate an attack if there is any risk of them dying.

Glimir demanded that Dursil's dwarves return to their own land, causing Dursil to complain that they needed the natural resources guaranteed to the elves by treaty, and that the elves were not economical with their usage of the land. Before tensions could boil over, however, Glimir spotted the refugees' ships on the horizon, mistaking them for an invasion. Dursil suggested that they join forces temporarily to fend off the human threat. When Haldric made landfall, his attempts at diplomacy were ignored. Jessene advised Haldric to delay bloodshed for as long as possible, hoping that peace might still be achievable.[3]

As the first warrior fell in battle, the fighting was halted by Lady Dionli, who demanded an explanation for the conflict. Glimir explained the initial argument with the dwarves, and how the arrival of the humans had led them to a fight together, fearing an invasion. Dionli was concerned by the humans arrival, and reminded them how fortunate they were she had intervened. She ordered Dursil to return back to dwarvish lands, while commanding Haldric and his close followers to make an appearance before the Ka'lian.[3]

Jevyan's familiar watched over the happenings from a distance, catching the attention of Jessene, who advised Haldric not to mention that they were being followed. Typhon informed Haldric that he needed to return to his people, but granted Haldric to recall any merfolk who had already fought alongside the humans.[a] Before departing with the elves, Haldric had Jessene man a third of their fleet with skeleton crews and send them back to search for survivors still on the Green Isle.[3]


  1. ^ On easy difficulty, Typhon also offered to allow Haldric to continue recruiting non-veteran merfolk.


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