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Jevyan's Haven

The Lich-Lords were a group of liches who ruled over the Wesfolk.


Rise, my soldiers of darkness, the world will be ours once more!
—The Lich-Lord Lenvan is released from his prison.

The Lich-Lords were a ruling class of liches who controlled the Wesfolk.[1][2] While on the Old Continent,[3] the Wesfolk spent many generations learning the dark arts of necromancy.[4] Motivated by their desire for immortality, the elite of the Wesfolk became Lich-Lords upon death, while the lesser Wesfolk became their undead servants.[3] They also had possession of a valuable artifact, the Ruby of Fire.[1]

The Lich-Lords lost the Wesfolk a war on the Old Continent, and a contingent of Wesfolk refugees led by the Lich-Lord Lenvan fled east to the Green Isle.[1] Upon their arrival, they encountered Haldric's people, resulting in the first Wesfolk War. Though the Lich-Lords' necromancy gave the Wesfolk an advantage,[5] the war turned against them when Haldric's people succesfully utilized mages for the first time, petrifying the Lich-Lord Caror in stone along with the Book of Fire and Darkness.[6] Also during the war, Lenvan was magically sealed within a temple's catacombs.[1] The war ended in defeat for the Lich-Lords,[5] and the Wesfolk withdrew to their capital, Jevyan's Haven, named after the Lich-Lord Jevyan.[2]

The Lich-Lords took on the sorcerer Malifor as a pupil, who subsequently learned the arts of necromancy.[7] During the second Wesfolk War, the Lich-Lords became desperate enough to open gateways to the old continent, allowing orcs to invade the Green Isle.[5] Malifor was disloyal to the Lich-Lords, however, and fled with the Wesfolk. Some time after reaching the Great Continent, he became a lich himself.[7] Jevyan began to conquer the Green Isle, but upon discovering that Prince Haldric had obtained the Ruby of Fire,[2] followed the humans to the Great Continent.[8] There he was defeated in combat by the human refugees.[9]

Though the national identity of the Wesfolk eventually disappeared with the founding of the Kingdom of Wesnoth,[10] the legacy of the Lich-Lords did not. Ardonna, a pupil on the Isle of Alduin, sought to replicate the Lich-Lords dark arts,[11] eventually becoming a lich herself.[12] Her former headmaster, Aimucasur, in spite of his initial hostility to necromancy,[11] also transformed into a lich, taking on the title of Lich-Lord and resided in the Swamp of Dread.[13]


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