First Wesfolk War

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First Wesfolk War
  • Wesfolk forced into more marginal lands.
  • The study of magic begins on the Green Isle.

The first Wesfolk War was the first major conflict between Prince Haldric's people and the Wesfolk. It began when the Wesfolk arrived at the Green Isle, their necromantic Lich-Lord masters making for their inferior numbers. Despite this, the war was eventually won by Haldric's people, and the Wesfolk were forced to live in marginal regions of the island.


Aftermath of an attack by the Wesfolk.
They were the vanquished refugees of some war, fleeing from their homes in a land even farther off into the west. The Wesfolk were not numerous, but they used dark magic, commanding vengeful spirits and legions of walking dead...
—Lore describes the strength of the Wesfolk.

Prior to the invasion of the Wesfolk, Prince Haldric's people prospered under the rule of many kings.[1] Led by the Lich-Lord Lenvan,[2] the Wesfolk originally arrived at the Green Isle as refugees, fleeing another war in the Old Continent. The Wesfolk were ruled by the Lich-Lords, who were capable of necromancy, while Haldric's people had no experience in magic whatsoever. A struggle ensued between the two groups for control over the Green Isle.[1]

At first, despite Haldric's people's superior numbers,[1] the Lich-Lords proved fearsome adversaries. In one great battle, the Lich-Lords befouled the island's greatest river, turning it into what became known as the Swamp of Esten. The damage to the Kingdom of Clearwater prevented it from becoming the largest kingdom on the island.[3] The tides only turned against the Wesfolk when Haldric's people used magic in battle for the first time. This occurred some distance east from the Kingdom of Southbay, where magi petrified the Lich-Lord Caror in stone, erecting a monolith to allow for the undoing of the spell. The place was subsequently named Fallen Lich Point.[4]

The Wesfolk concede defeat.

Another victory came for Haldric's people when they trapped Lenvan within the catacombs beneath Oldwood Forest, a magical seal preventing him from escaping.[2] Haldric's people emerged victorious, pushing the Wesfolk into the most marginal of the island's lands. Though a peace of sorts was achieved, it was often interrupted by the Wesfolk's raids, such as those on the Kingdom of Stormvale. The tension of peace was eventually disturbed once more when the second Crown Prince of Southbay initiated the second Wesfolk War.[1]


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