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The Wesfolk were an ethnic group of necromantic humans who originated from the Old Continent, then moved to the Green Isle and later the Great Continent.


A Wesfolk necromancer raises the dead.
Haldric, we are an ancient people who lived in a land filled with all manner of man and beast. We needed vision that extended beyond the meager span of human years. The art of necromancy allowed our best and brightest to live forever, and our worst got to serve as mindless slaves.
Lady Jessene explains the Wesfolk's practice of necromancy.

The Wesfolk originally came from the Old Continent.[1] Though they had an aristocracy,[2] they were primarily led by the Lich-Lords.[1][3] Upon honing the art of necromancy over many generations,[4] the elite Wesfolk would ascend to the position of Lich-Lords upon death, while the lesser Wesfolk would become undead servents.[1] The Wesfolk had their own tongue,[5] and were the original owners of the Ruby of Fire.[1]

Though they were powerful, the bulk of their military might was destroyed in a war, and despite holding out for as long as possible, the Lich-Lord Lenvan eventually led a small contingent of refugees east across the Great Ocean to the Green Isle.[3] Upon encountering Haldric's people, they became embroiled in the first Wesfolk War. Though Haldric's people had no former experience with magic, they swiftly learned,[6] and successfully petrified the Lich-Lord Caror in stone.[7] Lenvan was later sealed below a temple in the Oldwood catacombs.[1] The Wesfolk were eventually defeated and forced into more marginal lands,[6] including their capital, Jevyan's Haven.[3] During their time on the Green Isle, they were an inspiration to other prospective necromancers.[8]

Though there was peace on the Green Isle for a period of time, the Wesfolk would regularly raid other settlements, such as the Kingdom of Stormvale. This was countermeasured when the Second Crown Prince of Southbay launched the second Wesfolk War against the Wesfolk.[6] Out of desperation, the Lich-Lords were forced to open gateways to the Old Continent, allowing orcs to invade. Those of the Wesfolk still human were faced with slavery or death, so their noblewoman, Lady Jessene, led a band of Wesfolk away from the Lich-Lords' control. They eventually made an alliance with Stormvale's Prince Haldric,[2] and set sail from the Green Isle eastward.[3]

They eventually arrived at the Great Continent and helped found the Kingdom of Wesnoth.[9][10] Haldric and Jessene were married and other Wesnothians followed their example, resulting in the fusion of the two ethnicities into the people of Wesnoth.[10] Not all human Wesfolk, however, reached the Great Continent. One group lost their way during their voyage east and were eventually trapped at Morogor, where they were used as game by the drakes.[11]


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