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Kingdom of Stormvale

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Kingdom of Stormvale on a map of the Green Isle.

Stormvale (also known as the Kingdom of Stormvale) was one of the kingdoms of the Green Isle.


The Kingdom of Stormvale's Northern Keep is invaded by the Wesfolk.
We were prosperous, strong, and numerous.
—Lore describing the Kingdom of Stormvale.

Stormvale was one of a multitude of prosperous kingdoms on the Green Isle,[1] located within a valley. To its south stretching to its east lay the Broken Mountains, while to the distant north lay Jevyan's Haven.[2] It was located within the heart of the isle. When the Wesfolk migrated to the Green Isle as refugees, Stormvale and the other established kingdoms fought them in the first Wesfolk War, forcing them into marginal lands. Though its people had no former experience with magic, the war helped Stormvale develop some understanding of magic.[1]

During the reign of King Eldaric IV, the second Wesfolk War broke out between the Kingdom of Southbay, waged by the Crown Prince of Southbay. The Wesfolk's Lich-Lords retaliated by opening gateways to the Old Continent, allowing orcs to invade the Green Isle. That summer, a group of human Wesfolk, led by Lady Jessene, fled their undead masters and seized the Northern Keep of Stormvale. This prompted Eldaric to delegate his son, Prince Haldric, the task of driving the Wesfolk out. Haldric successfully captured Jessene and made her explain why they had encroached on Stormvale lands. Upon learning of the orcs, Eldaric let her go and focused on fortifying the frontier against the orcs.[1]

As Jessene had said, the orcs invaded Stormvale, and Eldaric's forces were eventually overwhelmed. Furthermore, the orcs flanked the humans from the east in the Broken Mountains. Eldaric left his personal guard to hold the pass to the north, then returned to Haldric to tell him the bad news. Meanwhile, Jessene had returned to Stormvale and now held the south pass, the only way out of the valley, thus preventing a swift evacuation. Nonetheless, they defeated the Wesfolk, and Eldaric had Haldric lead the populace through the south pass while he remained behind to buy them time.[2] Eldaric eventually died in combat, thus marking the end of the Kingdom of Stormvale.[3][4]


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