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Kingdom of Southbay

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Kingdom of Southbay on a map of the Green Isle.
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Southbay (also known as the Kingdom of Southbay and New Southbay) was one of the kingdoms of the Green Isle.


The Midland kingdoms fed the city of Southbay, the largest city on the Isle.
—Lore describing the Kingdom of Southbay.

Southbay was the largest of a multitude of prosperous kingdoms on the Green Isle,[1][2][3] situated at the southern coast of the island. To its north lay the Northrun,[4] while it maintained trade with the Midlands in the east.[1] In the northeast lay the Oldwood Forest, while in the distant northeast lay Clearwater Port.[4] Its sewerage system was made by diverting an underground river,[5] leading all the way as far as Fallen Lich Point in the southeast.[6]

When the Wesfolk migrated to the Green Isle from the west, Southbay engaged in the first Wesfolk War against them. Though they had no past experience with magic prior to defeating the Wesfolk, Southbay eventually gained knowledge thereof. Over time, Southbay also became more competent at navigation.[2] With the help of the Wesfolk princess, Lady Jessene, the Second Crown Prince of Southbay managed to sail to the Great Continent and back.[7] He died shortly thereafter under suspicious circumstances, causing his brother to launch the second Wesfolk War as a war of distraction against the Wesfolk once more. This war turned against the prince when the Wesfolk's Lich-Lords opened gateways to the Old Continent, allowing orcs to invade the Green Isle.[2] The Lich-Lord Jevyan killed the prince and reanimated his body.[4]

The orcs advanced upon Southbay and Clearwater Port.[8][1] Though Southbay successfully repelled the first orcish assault,[7] Clearwater Port's forces were routed. While many humans were evacuated from Clearwater Port to Southbay by ship,[9] their de facto leader, Prince Haldric of Stormvale and his fighting men entered Southbay via their sewers that winter.[5] They then sought an audience with the King of Southbay, Addroran IX. Despite Addroran's plans to retake the Green Isle, he was persuaded to evacuate the populace to the Great Continent, though he remained resolute to personally hold the city for as long as possible.[7]

Over the course of winter, they fished beneath the ice to provision their ships for the voyage.[7] As spring arrived, Southbay was invaded by a second wave of orcs, sent by Jevyan. With Haldric's help, Addroran managed to defeat the orcs, allowing the refugees to board the ships and set sail east. Before Haldric left, Addroran reminded him to send ships back to Southbay once he arrived at the Great Continent, in case their were any remaining survivors.[4] It is understood that Addroran died defending Southbay.[10]


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