Haldric's people

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Haldric's people were a group of humans who lived on the Green Isle until immigrating to the Great Continent and founding the Kingdom of Wesnoth. They are named after Prince Haldric.


Haldric's people live in peace on the Green Isle.
We were prosperous, strong, and numerous. We lived in a rich land with many kings.
—Lore describes Haldric's people before the Wesfolk arrived.

Haldric's people first arrived at the Green Isle by sea,[1] and proceeded to establish different kingdoms, including Southbay, Clearwater, Stormvale, and the kingdoms of the Midlands. At this time, they had no knowledge of magic. They thrived there until the arrival of the necromantic Wesfolk, ruled by the Lich-Lords.[2]

The ensuing conflict between the two ethnic groups became known as the first Wesfolk War,[3] and though the Wesfolk had lesser numbers than Haldric's people, they made up for this with their necromantic arts. Nonetheless, the war ended in victory for Haldric's people, and in doing so, they began the practice of their own form of magic,[2] which was used to overcome the Lich-Lords themselves.[4][5]

The Wesfolk, now forced into marginal lands, became an insignificant threat to Haldric's people, only periodically raiding their crops in the summer. Despite this, the second Crown Prince of Southbay launched a second Wesfolk War with the Wesfolk, hoping to distract from his older brother's suspicious death. Though the war was initially successful, the prince managing to rally the largest army Haldric's people had ever mustered, the Lich-Lords retaliated in desperation by opening gateways to the Old Continent, allowing legions of orcs to invade the Green Isle.[2]

People from the Kingdom of Southbay make their way through the Broken Mountains, pursued by orcs.

The orcs allied themselves with the Lich-Lords against all humans of the Green Isle,[2] forcing the Wesfolk to ally themselves with Haldric's people.[6] Various kingdoms of the Green Isle as they fell before the might of the orcish hordes. Stormvale fell first,[7] followed by the Midlands and Clearwater.[8][5] Many refugees from across the island made their way to Southbay,[5] from which they were evacuated with the Wesfolk east across the Great Ocean, led by Prince Haldric.[9]

They eventually landed at the western coast of the Great Continent,[10] and negotiated with the elves of the Ka'lian in order to settle in the continent.[11] Though they were pursued by the orcs, sent by the Lich-Lord Jevyan,[12] they eventually slew him and deceived the orcs to prevent further attacks.[13][14]

Haldric decided, with the help of the Wesfolk Lady Jessene, to name his new land the Kingdom of Wesnoth. The two then married, and had children of mixed ethnicity. This resulted in miscegenation between the Wesfolk and Haldric's people, after which they were fused into a new kingdom.[15]


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