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The Ka'lian (also known as the Council of Elven Lords and the Great Council) was a political body of elves with authority over the elves of the Grey Woods, Wesmere, and Lintanir.


Relative peace

We are the people of the forest, you know that all words spoken to these un-people are of secondary importance to our own needs.
Lord Logalmier speaks to the Ka'lian about the inferiority of humans.

The Ka'lian was a council, consisting of elvish lords and ladies.[1] They had jurisdiction over the elves of the Grey Woods,[1] Wesmere,[2] and Lintanir.[3] Though they had a long established citadel in Wesmere wherein they held their meetings,[2][4] they also met in the Grey Woods on at least one occasion.[1]

Shortly before Prince Haldric's people arrived at the western coast of the Great Continent, the Ka'lian had organized to meet together in the Grey Woods. When fighting broke out between the humans and elves there, it was interrupted by Lady Dionli, who ordered the fighting to cease before requesting that Haldric accompany her to the Grey Woods to make an appearance before the Ka'lian.[5] The council, also consisting at that time of Lord Aryad, Lord El'Isomithir, and Lord Logalmier, regarded the humans with suspicion, but eventually agreed to allow the refugees to settle on the Great Continent in return for the completion of four quests.[1]

When Haldric completed the four tasks, the Ka'lian agreed to give the refugees the plains to the north and south of the Great River and the hills to the south of the Great River. The two parties also agreed to the Pact of Mutual Aid, binding them to come to each other's aid in times of trouble.[1] Shortly thereafter, the Ka'lian discovered that orcs had followed the humans to the Great Continent. They decided that, if it became tactical, they would break the Pact of Mutual Aid and turn on the humans. Unknown to them was that Lady Jessene, Haldric's companion, overheard their conversation,[6] later reporting back to Haldric.[7]

Elvish turmoil

The council is not blind to these benefits. But, still, you cannot decide high matters of statecraft on behalf of the Elves. We cannot allow it.
—Lord El'Isomithir reprimands High Lord Kalenz for subverting the Ka'lian's authority.

Orcs infringed on elvish borders for the first time eight years after the founding of the Kingdom of Wesnoth,[8][9] a fact brought swiftly to the attention of the Ka'lian.[9] They communicated with Lord Erlorans through a dream-sending and also sent reinforcements,[10] commanding him to launch a swift counterattack against the orcs. Despite the initial success,[11] the orcs returned in greater numbers over the following decade.[3]

High Lord Kalenz hastened to the Ka'lian in Wesmere after Lintanir's invasion,[3] and arrived shortly after the orcs also attempted to sack the Ka'lian's citadel.[2] At this time, the Ka'lian consisted of Dionli, El'Isomithir, and Lord Legmir.[4] Kalenz intervened in time to help drive back the orcs' initial onslaught, before discovering that saurians had pillaged the Ka'lian's treasury.[2] He defeated the saurians in battle and retrieved the treasury's stolen gold.[12] Kalenz attempted to persuade the Ka'lian to launch an allied offensive against the orcs alongside the dwarves and humans, but the councilors rejected his proposal on the grounds that the humans were treacherous and that it would be safer to focus on their defenses.[4]

News arrived at the Ka'lian that Kalenz had renewed relations with Wesnoth and was preparing his men to aid the humans at Tath.[13][14] Though Kalenz was initially promised military support, the Ka'lian eventually chose not to aid the humans, considering it too risky. Despite this, El'Isomithir dissented and accompanied Galtrid to Tath, saving the settlement from sure destruction.[14] Kalenz also disobeyed the Ka'lian by assassinating the Great Chief Brubar without permission and later sacking the saurian capital of Saurgrath.[15][16] Upon considering Kalenz's actions, the Ka'lian summoned him and demanded an apology. Even El'Isomithir offered no support. When Kalenz insisted that his actions had been prudent, he was stripped of his military authority and rank as High Lord.[17][18]

Some years passed before Kalenz's companion, Landar, held a coup, resulting in the slaughter of the Ka'lian.[19] A civil war ensued, and was eventually ended when Kalenz defeated Landar's forces and killed Landar himself.[20] With the death of the former councillors, Kalenz was selected as the High Lord of the Elves. When he eventually retired,[21] the Ka'lian were reinstated.[22]


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