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Title(s): Lord
Gender: Male


Unit type(s): Elvish Champion

Logalmier (also known as Lord Logalmier) was an elvish champion who served as a councilor of the Ka'lian. He was among those who gave Prince Haldric land on which to settle.


I fear my kin are too easy on you. I decree that you should be made to fight the Dragon of the Green Swamp and its saurian minions. If you can defeat him, you will have truly earned your place in this land.
—Lord Logalmier assigns Prince Haldric a quest.

Logalmier was a member of the Ka'lian at the time of Haldric's arrival at the Great Continent. During a meeting of the Ka'lian in the Grey Woods, Lady Dionli brought before them a group of refugee humans. Logalmier asked why they had been brought to the council, and she spoke of their plight. Logalmier reluctantly agreed to let the humans settle in the land if they could complete four quests. Believing his friends had been light on Haldric, Logalmier assigned the humans the quest of defeating Shek'kahan, the dragon of the Green Swamp. Haldric completed the mission successfully, impressing Logalmier. When all four quests had been completed, Logalmier granted Haldric the plains surrounding the Great River, as well as the hills south of the Great River. He also reminded Haldric that the humans would be obliged to help the elves in their time of need, forming a 'Pact of Mutual Aid'.[1]

When the humans had left, Logalmier's outriders reported that orcs had made landfall on the Great Continent. When it was suggested that they should break their pact if strategic, Logalmier asserted that the elves' superiority meant that breaking the pact was moral if it was important to their needs. Unknown to him, Lady Jessene eavesdropped on their conversation and was able to alert Haldric to the Ka'lian's betrayal.[2]


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