Green Swamp

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Green Swamp

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The Green Swamp on a map of the Great Continent.

The Green Swamp was a swamp on the Great Continent.


After some days of travel Haldric finds himself confronted by a vast expanse of swamp. A small island with a mountain dominates the view. That can only be the home of the dragon.
—Lore describes Prince Haldric's entry into the Green Swamp.

To the north of the Green Swamp lay the Great River;[1] to the east, Gryphon Mountain;[2] to the south, the Brown Hills; and to the southwest, the Grey Woods. The swamp itself was vast and contained an island, whereupon sat a mountain. The mountain itself had a cave occupied by Shek'kahan, a dragon.[1]

Shek'kahan also had a number of saurian minions protecting him.[3] The saurians themselves were able to conjure and command mudcrawlers.[1] When refugees from the Green Isle arrived at the Great Continent, the elves tasked them with slaying Shek'kahan.[3] Haldric traveled to the Green Swamp and despite the saurians' best efforts, he reached and slew Shek'kahan.[1]


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