Brown Hills

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Brown Hills

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The Brown Hills on a map of the Great Continent.

The Brown Hills were a group of hills on the Great Continent.


We are having a problem with a troll-hole in the Brown Hills. While I find the thought of those dwarves stumbling on the trolls vaguely amusing, this should make an adequate quest for you.
Lord Aryad tasks Prince Haldric with driving the trolls out of the Brown Hills.

To the north of the Brown Hills lay the Green Swamp; to the northwest, the Grey Woods; to the east, Dan'Tonk; and to the northeast, Gryphon Mountain.[1] Prior to the humans immigration to the Great Continent, the Brown Hills belonged to the elves according to a treaty with the dwarves. At one point, the dwarves did break their treaty by colonizing the Brown Hills,[2] but later returned to the north.[3]

A number of trolls resided in the caves of the Brown Hills, posing a problem for the elves. As a solution, Lord Aryad commissioned Prince Haldric with the clearing of one such cave in return for various plains and hills, including the Brown Hills themselves.[3] Haldric and his men traveled to the Brown Hills, engaged with trolls and giant spiders in battle, and slew the troll warriors therein.[4] As promised, the hills became the territory of the humans.[3] Some time thereafter, Ras-Tabahn converted one of the Brown Hills' caves into a laboratory where he researched necromancy and immortality.[5]


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