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Title(s): Lord
Gender: Male


Unit type(s): Elvish Sharpshooter

Aryad (also known as Lord Aryad) was an elvish sharpshooter who served as a councilor of the Ka'lian. He was among those who gave Prince Haldric land on which to settle.


We may have decided wrongly. If the humans drive the orcs off we should honor our pledge. If more trouble follows them here we should let them fight it out, then we should 'deal' with the survivors, and make a compromise with the Dwarves.
—Lord Aryad considers betraying the pact with the humans.

Aryad was a member of the Ka'lian at the time of Prince Haldric's arrival at the Great Continent. During a meeting of the Ka'lian in the Grey Woods, Lady Dionli brought before them a group of refugee humans. Lord Logalmier asked why they had been brought to the council, and she spoke of their plight. Though skeptical of what use the humans could offer the elves, he decided to grant the humans land if they could complete four quests, each assigned by a different member of the Ka'lian. He assigned Haldric with killing the trolls in the Brown Hills, which Haldric succeeded in carrying out. When all four quests had been completed, Aryad agreed to give the plains around the Great River and the hills to the south of the Great River. He also witnessed the creation of a 'Pact of Mutual Aid', such that when the elves were in need, the humans would come to their aid.[1]

When the humans had left, Logalmier revealed that orcs had made landfall on the Great Continent. Aryad decided that if it became strategic to break the pact and attack the humans in a state of vulnerability, that they would. Unknown to him, Lady Jessene eavesdropped on their conversation and was able to alert Haldric to the Ka'lian's betrayal.[2]


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