Grey Woods

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Grey Woods

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The Grey Woods on a map of the Great Continent.

The Grey Woods were an elf-controlled forest on the Great Continent.


Elvish dominance

An elvish civil war takes place within the Grey Woods.
Human, it is by luck alone that I am here to spare you. For on this day the Council of Lords is meeting in a forest not far from here.
—Lady Dionli informs the Green Isle refugees of their fortune.

The Grey Woods were a forest on the Great Continent. To the north lay Carcyn and the Great River; to the northwest, Halstead; to the distant west, the Great Ocean;[1] to the south, Maghre;[2] to the southeast, Aldril and the Bay of Pearls; to the southeast, the Brown Hills; to the east, Gryphon Mountain;[1] and to the northeast, the Green Swamp.[3] It belonged to the elves, and centuries before the humans arrived at the Great Continent, it was the location of a dramatic civil war, and was resultantly littered with fortress ruins and unburied bodies.[4]

It was also one of the locations where the Ka'lian would meet. Shortly before one such meeting, Prince Haldric landed at the Bay of Pearls, bringing with him refugees from the Green Isle.[5] He was brought by Ka'lian councilwoman Lady Dionli to the Grey Woods to negotiate his people's place in the land. It was decided that the refugees would be given various places to settle, including the plains surrounding the Grey Woods.[6]


Stories have been passed down for generations warning against it. Supposedly the place is haunted by lost souls who hunger for the living, and anyone who dies there is doomed to join them.
—Arvith describes rumours surrounding the Grey Woods.

At some point, the forest became haunted.[7][1] Various saurians led by Krissaz came to settle in the ruins of the civil war, relying on the nagas for protection.[7] On the ninth day of the fourth month of the year 23YW, Ras-Tabahn arranged for Ardonna to travel along an elf road to the Grey Woods and raise the elvish skeletons left from the civil war as ghosts.[4] She arrived at the forest two days later, and despite resistance from the saurians and nagas, she succeeded in her mission.[7] On the seventeenth day of the month, she was intercepted traveling further north along the road through the Grey Woods by Isthiniel, who summoned woses of the forest to attack Ardonna.[8] With the help of the ghosts, she was able to avoid being taken by the woses, and escape to the north.[9]

On the twelfth day of the fifth month of the year 363YW, the mage Baran was kidnapped from Maghre by a group of undead,[2] his captors taking him north through the Grey Woods. The elvish rider Nil-Galion agreed to prevent their being followed on the promise that he would be reanimated as an undead lord. Despite this, his forces failed to stop Baran's brother, Arvith, from advancing through the forest.[10]

After various magi were outcast for practicing the dark arts, they formed a guild of shadow magic in the Grey Woods. Shortly thereafter, the woods were haunted by the lich, Sel-Mana, as well as his two subservient necromancers, causing a fog to settle over the forest. The guild's leader, Helicrom, speculated that their experimentation in the dark arts may have awoken Sel-Mana.[1] Helicrom sent men to fetch magistrate Baldras and his men, who made their way to the Grey Woods.[11] Once Baldras arrived, he helped the guild defeat Sel-Mana and the necromancers.[1]


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