The Ka'lian (scenario)

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This article is about the interlude. For the council, see Ka'lian.
The Rise of Wesnoth interlude
The Ka'lian

Grey Woods, Great Continent

  • Elves give the human refugees a portion of their land.
  • Pact of Mutual Aid formed between the elves and humans.

Stormvale refugees


Clearwater refugees

Typhon's mermen



A New Land
The Dragon • Lizard Beach • Troll Hole • Cursed Isle
A Spy in the Woods

The Ka'lian is the third interlude in The Rise of Wesnoth campaign. It takes part across five episodes varying in order.


When the Green Isle was invaded by vast numbers of orcs,[1] forcing the kingdoms of Stormvale, Clearwater, and Southbay to evacuate their populace and travel east for the Great Continent, led by Prince Haldric.[2][3][4] Before departing, they drew the attention of the Lich-Lord Jevyan, who sought to obtain the Ruby of Fire, then in Haldric's possession.[4]

Over the course of Haldric's journey, he was followed by Jevyan's familiar, who watched them from a distance.[5][6][7] Upon arriving at the Great Continent, they were mistaken for invaders and swiftly attacked by the continental elves and dwarves. Shortly after hostilities ensued, Lady Dionli happened across the battle on the day of a meeting of the Ka'lian, also known as the Council of Elves. She stopped the fighting and told Haldric and his closest advisors to make an appearance before the Ka'lian.[7]

During their original exodus, they had left Commander Aethyr in charge of the evacuation efforts in Clearwater Port.[3] Though he was expected to die in battle there, he was hit on the head shortly after sighting a human controlled ship, then woke up at sea. He made his way to the Great Continent, but discovered that the orcs had followed the refugees from the Green Isle, and hastened to the Grey Woods to inform Haldric of this news.[8]


Haldric arrived before the Ka'lian with his close companions. Dionli explained that Haldric was of the same ilk as the First Crown Prince of Southbay, who had previously visited the Great Continent. She suggested that the humans be permitted to settle on the Great Continent, hoping that they would quell the growing dwarvish threat. Haldric explained that they had been driven out of the Green Isle, and that he nonetheless had peaceful intentions, asking for land that neither the elves nor dwarves needed. Dionli considered appropriate land to be the plains which lay to the north and south of the Great River.[8]

The Ka'lian collectively agreed to test the human refugees by first making them complete four tasks, in return not only for the aforementioned plains, but also the hills to the south of the Great River. Lord Logalmier assigned Haldric the quest of defeating Shek'kahan, the dragon of the Green Swamp. Dionli assigned Haldric the quest of disrupting the metal-trading operations of the saurians on a nearby beach. Lord Arad assigned Haldric the quest of driving the trolls out of a troll-hole in the Brown Hills. Finally, Lord El'Isomithir assigned Haldric the quest of putting to rest the undead residing on the Isle of Tears.[8]

Haldric and his fighting men completed each of the four quests, returning to the Ka'lian to claim his reward. The Ka'lian granted Haldric's people all the land that they had promised, reminding Haldric that should the elves ever require the humans' aid, that the humans were obliged to come to their assistance. Haldric agreed, and formed the Pact of Mutual Aid. Logalmier assured him that the Brown Hills were no longer occupied by dwarves, and that they could use the natural resources there to establish an economy.[8]

Before Haldric and his companions had left, however, Aethyr approached Haldric, who had believed Aethyr had perished at Clearwater Port. Aethyr explained how he had survived, and covertly informed Haldric that they had been followed across the Great Ocean. Haldric left the Ka'lian, but Jessene decided to swiftly return to spy on the elves'.[8]


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