The Plan

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The Rise of Wesnoth interlude
The Plan

Western coast, Great Continent


Aethyr organized to die in a subterfuge against the elves.


Stormvale refugees


Clearwater refugees


Return of the Fleet
The Rise of Wesnoth

The Plan is the fifth interlude in The Rise of Wesnoth campaign.


When the Lich-Lords opened gateways allowing orcs to invade the Green Isle, Prince Haldric fled the Kingdom of Stormvale with its refugees.[1] During their exodus, he encountered the Ruby of Fire, a valuable artifact.[2] Upon arriving at Clearwater Port, garrisoned by Commander Aethyr, they evacuated their collective group of refugees to Southbay. Aethyr remained behind to defend the port, however.[3]

Once at Southbay, Haldric managed to withstand a siege by the Lich-Lord Jevyan and his orcs. Jevyan was able to sense that Haldric possessed the Ruby of Fire.[4] After setting sail east across the Great Ocean, Jevyan's familiar spied on them from a distance.[5][6][7] The refugees eventually landed at the shores of the Great Continent, sent back a third of their ships to collect survivors,[7] and negotiated with the elves' council, the Ka'lian. He secured a piece of land in which to settle, and agreed to a Pact of Mutual Aid, whereby they would come to each other's aid if the need arose.[8]

Despite Aethyr's intention to die defending Clearwater Port,[9] he was hit on the head by one of his men and forcibly taken onboard a ship, which then sailed to the Great Continent. He found out that the orcs had followed the refugees, and hastened to Haldric to share this news. While Haldric hurried west to face the approaching threat,[8] his Wesfolk companion Lady Jessene remained behind to spy on the elves, discovering that the elves had also discovered of the orcs' arrival on the Great Continent. The elves agreed that if more orcs arrived, that they would break the pact, and even destroy whoever survived the conflict.[10]

Jessene returned to Haldric and shared the news of the elves' betrayal, also telling him that she believed that the orcs had arrived because of Jevyan's desire for the Ruby of Fire. He asked her to hide the Ruby of Fire, then engaged with Jevyan's forces.[11] He successfully secured the beach, allowing the remaining refugees to disembark safely. He then revealed his intention to slay Jevyan, then took Jessene aside to speak in private.[12]


Though Haldric and Jessene believed they were in private, Aethyr eavesdropped on their conversation. Haldric revealed that he needed to convince Jevyan that the Ruby of Fire had been exchanged with the elves for a place on the Great Continent. Jessene reminded him that when the orcs turned their attention to the elves, that Haldric would be expected to come to their aid, according to the Pact of Mutual Aid. Haldric assured her that they would if it were tactical, but that he would make that decision at the time. Jessene told him that, as only they knew of the elves' betrayal, their people would consider Haldric to have betrayed the elves.[9]

Haldric replied that it was more important that his people survive, and also mentioned that it mattered little, given that he expected to die in the process of deceiving Jevyan. He explained that his plan involved Jessene forging a treaty wherein the fictitious exchange of the Ruby of Fire was documented, such that he would die at Jevyan's hand with the document planted on his body. Once Jevyan read the document, he would finally be persuaded that the humans had given up the Ruby of Fire to the elves. With Jevyan hoodwinked, he expected word would spread amongst the orcs, before Jessene destroyed Jevyan once and for all.[9]

Jessene initially refused to let Haldric carry out his plan, wanting Haldric not to die. Aethyr revealed himself, and demanded that he be allowed to carry the fake treaty instead, claiming it was his right to die a noble death after being saved twice. Though Haldric was stubborn, Aethyr eventually convinced him. He also requested that Haldric destroy Jevyan before the Lich-Lord had the opportunity to raise Aethyr's body. With the plan set, Jessene reminded them to allow one of the orcish leaders to escape alive in order for the subterfuge to work.[9]


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