Southbay in Winter

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The Rise of Wesnoth interlude
Southbay in Winter

Kingdom of Southbay, Green Isle


King Addroran IX agrees to evacuate Southbay.


Stormvale refugees


Clearwater refugees

Kingdom of Southbay


Sewer of Southbay
A Final Spring

Southbay in Winter is the second interlude in The Rise of Wesnoth campaign.


King Addroran IX had been father to two sons. The first had traveled with Lady Jessene to the Great Continent.[1] After returning, however, he fell ill and died. The role of crown prince was passed to Addroran's next son. This prince was suspected of killing his brother, so he started another war against the Wesfolk as a distraction.[2]

After the invasion of the Green Isle by the orcs, various human factions fled, including the Wesfolk,[2] the Kingdom of Stormvale,[3] and the Kingdom of Clearwater. Led by Prince Haldric, they set sail from Clearwater Port for the Kingdom of Southbay. Instead of landing directly at Southbay, Haldric and his soldiers detoured to Fallen Lich Point,[4] then navigated the sewer of Southbay.[5]


Emerging from the sewer exit, Haldric and his close companions before Addroran, pledging his loyalty to Southbay. Addroran expressed his admiration for both Haldric and his father, and asked whether Haldric was now King of Stormvale, but Haldric quipped that he could not be king with neither land nor crown. Nonetheless, Addroran complimented Haldric whilst bemoaning his own sons' failings.[1]

Upon noticing Jessene, a Wesfolk, in his presence, Addroran ordered that she be cast outside with the other Wesfolk. Haldric pleaded for Addroran to reconsider, noting the usefulness of the Wesfolk. Jessene swore to save the lives of the people of Stormvale on the condition that all Wesfolk would be permitted to enter the city. Addroran agreed to these terms.[1]

Jessene mentioned that she was able to translate the Book of Fire and Darkness, a valuable artifact. Jessene also spoke of her history as a navigator for Addroran's firstborn son, and that the humans needed to travel east. Addroran initially scoffed at the idea of fleeing the Green Isle, but was eventually persuaded by Jessene, who spoke of the orcs' limitless numbers.[1]

Despite a unanimous agreement to leave Southbay, Addroran decided for them to stay at Southbay until spring, considering it worthwhile to spend the time provisioning the ships with fish. He also revealed that, due to the loss of his sons, he had no reason to flee himself, and that he would defend Southbay to the last, while Haldric would be in charge of the evacuation. With a plan set in stone, the sewer exit was sealed and Jessene began to translate the Book of Fire and Darkness.[1]


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