First Crown Prince of Southbay

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First Crown Prince of Southbay
Title(s): Crown Prince of Southbay
Gender: Male



The first Crown Prince of Southbay was the son of King Addroran IX. He is known for having been the first Green Isle human known to lead a naval voyage east to the Great Continent. He fell ill and died shortly after returning to the Kingdom of Southbay.


Then, one day, the strong-hearted Crown Prince of Southbay returned home from a long voyage with a fabulous tale. He said that there were lands to the east that could be reached by aggressively sailing to the east and north, to compensate for southern pull of the ocean.
—Lore describing the Crown Prince of Southbay's voyage to the Great Continent.
The Crown Prince of Southbay describes his voyage.

Before the Kingdom of Southbay was at war with the Wesfolk, Addroran's older son and crown prince made a dangerous voyage eastward,[1] with the Wesfolk Lady Jessene as his navigator and companion.[2] He also was provided pearls and an escort by a group of mermen led by Lord Typhon in return for metalwork.[3] To compensate for the southern ocean currents, he sailed aggressively to the northeast.[1]

The former crown prince lies in state.

Along the way, he came across a volcanic island inhabited by a number of hostile drakes. Despite their aggression, he was able pacify the drakes enough to establish a foothold on the island,[4] allowing him to re-provision his ships.[3] He eventually reached the Great Continent, making contact with the elves and becoming known to the Ka'lian.[5][6]

Returning home to the Green Isle, he told people, including his father, of how he had managed to reach the Great Continent. However, soon after his return, he fell ill and died under mysterious circumstances, conceding the position of crown prince to his younger brother. This caused suspicion targeted at the new crown prince, who in response began the second Wesfolk War against the Wesfolk as a distraction.[1]


Vacant Crown Prince of Southbay Succeeded by
Second Crown Prince of Southbay
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