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This article is about the scenario. For the kingdom, see Clearwater.

Clearwater Port is the seventh scenario in The Rise of Wesnoth campaign.


After hordes of orcs poured onto the Green Isle through gateways opened by the Lich-Lords, Prince Haldric of Stormvale was forced to evacuate his people.[1] He was joined by the Wesfolk,[2][3] whose leader, Lady Jessene, had established that the safest route they could take was towards Clearwater Port, as the orcs had been bogged down in the Swamp of Esten.[3]

Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Clearwater had encountered the orcs, and though they had managed to repel the initial orcish assault into the Swamp of Esten, the orcs managed to defeat the forces of Clearwater and kill their king. The nobles of Clearwater fled to Southbay, leaving Commander Aethyr in charge of the evacuation efforts.[4]




  • Flee on the First Ship


  • Flee on the Second Ship


  • Flee on the Third Ship (early finish bonus)


  • Defeat all enemy leaders (early finish bonus)
  • Death of Prince Haldric
  • Death of Lady Jessene
  • Death of Commander Aethyr
  • Miss the Last Ship
Gold carryover:
  • 40% of gold carried over to the next scenario.
  • In this scenario, you may issue instructions to an allied side by right-clicking on a unit that belongs to it.

Haldric arrived at Clearwater Port, followed by a number of orcs, but saw that there were no ships in the harbour. He spoke to Aethyr, who explained the plight of the kingdom and their intentions to hold the city until enough ships returned for all the refugees to be evacuated. He conceded that Haldric's fighting men could leave when they wished, but requested that Haldric remain until as many of the refugees had left as possible. Haldric agreed to this, insisting that the Wesfolk were also evacuated.[4]

The orcs attacked Clearwater Port on three fronts: Tan-Vragar from the southwest, Tan-Burg from the west, and Ut'Tan-Vrork from the northwest. Tan-Vragar surprised the humans by employing naga fighters. The siege was unsuccessful, however, and Haldric's forces were able to board the Clearwater ships with the evacuees before the winter froze the port over. Before setting sail, Jessene suggested that rather than traveling directly to Southbay, that they instead landed at Fallen Lich Point to retrieve the Book of Fire and Darkness, a tome detailing the Ruby of Fire.[4]


  1. ^ This unit did not appear on easy difficulty.
  2. ^ This unit only appeared on hard difficulty.


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