A Summer of Storms

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A Summer of Storms is the first scenario in The Rise of Wesnoth campaign.


Stormvale was one of the kingdoms of the Green Isle. An ally, the Crown Prince of Southbay, had previously declared war on the Wesfolk to the northwest. As a result, the Wesfolk Lich-Lords opened gateways to the Old Continent, allowing orcs onto the Green Isle. The human Wesfolk were forced to flee from their home. One such Wesfolk noble, Lady Jessene led a number of Wesfolk into Stormvale.[1]


Stormvale's Northern Keep is seized by the Wesfolk.
  • Defeat the Wesfolk Leader
  • Death of Prince Haldric
  • Death of King Eldaric
Gold carryover:
  • Early finish bonus.
  • 40% of gold carried over to the next scenario.

King Eldaric of Stormvale was alarmed one summer when he discovered that his Northern Keep had been seized by the Wesfolk, confused that they would risk traveling in hostile lands while already at war. It was necessary to resecure the border before the crops ruined. His son, Prince Haldric, requested that he be given authority over the defenses.[1]

Haldric led Stormvale's troops into battle against the Wesfolk, defeating them and capturing their leader, who invoked her right to surrender. Haldric demanded an explanation for the intrusion, and the Wesfolk leader desecribed how they had been driven out of their own lands by the orcs. Eldaric realized that they needed to fortify their own defenses against the orcs, commanding Haldric to remain at the keep while he fortified the frontier.[1]


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