Rough Landing

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The Rise of Wesnoth scenario
Rough Landing

Naga archipelago, Great Ocean

  • Naga raiders defeated.
  • Green Isle ships regrouped.

Stormvale refugees


Clearwater refugees

Typhon's mermen

Naga raiders


Peoples in Decline
A New Land

Rough Landing is the twelfth scenario in The Rise of Wesnoth campaign.


The First Crown Prince of Southbay had sailed across the Great Ocean and reached the Great Continent with the aid of Lord Typhon's merfolk,[1] as well as Lady Jessene, a Wesfolk navigator.[2] After his suspicious death, however, his younger brother fell under suspicion, causing him to launch a war of distraction against the Wesfolk. The Wesfolk's Lich-Lords retaliated by opening gateways to the Old Continent, allowing orcs to flood onto the Green Isle and invade its kingdoms.[3]

Prince Haldric and Jessene led their refugees to Southbay, where they negotiated a deal with Typhon in preparation for a voyage east, this time to migrate. Haldric departed from Southbay, but not before the Lich-Lord Jevyan discovered he possessed a valuable artifact, the Ruby of Fire.[1] After stopping at Morogor to re-provision their ships,[4] they set sail once more, but ran into severe weather, scattering the fleet, prompting Typhon to suggest Haldric regroup his ships at a nearby archipelago.[5]


  • Defeat all enemy leaders
  • Death of Prince Haldric
  • Death of Lady Jessene
  • Death of Lord Typhon
  • Turns run out
Gold carryover:
  • Early finish bonus.
  • 40% of gold carried over to the next scenario.

Upon docking the Eldaric at one of the islands, Typhon warned them of nagas who would scavenge ships there for their metal. Shortly thereafter, Xamalia, a naga warrior, spotted them and alerted his fellow nagas, including Abraxas and Gaxmail. The nagas attacked the refugees and merfolk, prompting Haldric to attempt to clear the islands of nagas.[5]

Despite the nagas benefiting from the appearance of three sea serpents who came to their aid, Chompey, Scaly, and Toothey, Haldric killed Xamalia and Gaxmail.[5] Though the refugees managed to defeat Abraxas, the warrior managed to escape.[6] Jevyan's familiar spied upon the refugees from afar, but not without escaping notice from Jessene. With the nagas defeated, Haldric regrouped his ships before setting sail for the Great Continent once more.[5]


  1. ^ This unit did not appear on easy difficulty.


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