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Unit type(s): Naga Warrior

Abraxas was a naga warrior allied with the Lich-Lord Jevyan.


It's the Prince Haldric! Jevyan, you never said you came to destroy this monster. We will help you.
—Abraxas comes across the battle between Prince Haldric and the Lich-Lord Jevyan.

Abraxas is one of the nagas who controlled an archipelago where they would capture ships and scavenge them for metal. When Haldric attempted to regroup his ships there after particularly severe weather, Abraxas, Xamalia, and Gaxmail attacked him. Nonetheless, Haldric defeated the nagas and successfully regrouped his ships.[1]

Abraxas survived the battle, later discovering an ally, Jevyan, fighting against Haldric on the Western coast of the Great Continent. Abraxas pledged to help defeat Haldric, and lent the orcish warlord Tan-Vragish the support of the other nagas. Nonetheless, Jevyan perished in battle, failing to kill Haldric.[2]


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