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Morogor was an slowly sinking archipelago and ancestral homeland of the drakes. Due to overpopulation, many drakes left for the Great Continent in the east, led by Galun.


The Eldaric nears the northernmost island of Morogor.
For long cycles we Recorders of Morogor had watched the slow rising of the tides and the sinking of our islands. Each cycle it became slightly more difficult to feed our hatchlings. Newer flights scraped out a meager existence on islets of rock their grandsires would have scorned, and some turned their eyes enviously on the green expanses of the central islands. We feared a final war was nearly upon us.
—Reshan'lo describes the troubles that had faced Morogor.

Morogor was an archipelago in the Great Ocean, lying to the east of the Green Isle and to the west of the Great Continent.[1] Also nearer to its east was a naga-controlled archipelago.[2] Each of the islands were in the process of slowly sinking into the sea.[3] On its central island sat the volcanic Mount Morogor, which would periodically erupt.[4]

The archipelago was first colonized by drakes who had been driven from their own homeland in the west.[5] The eruptions, despite their irregularity, were eventually taken up by the drakes as a method of chronology.[4][5] There, the drakes were governed by the Way of Morogor, which included rules regarding their hierarchical institutions and conquest. In the heart of Morogor, they formed an arena which helped them determine which drakes ascended to the chief position of dominants.[6]

Over the years, the archipelago became more densely populated, forcing younger drake flights to settle in less desirable islets.[3] Though most drakes did not believe in any significant lands beyond Morogor, it became known to a minority of drake astrologers that the world was in fact round.[6] During a voyage east to the Great Continent with Lady Jessene, the First Crown Prince of Southbay discovered the northernmost island, and was forced to pacify the drakes there before continuing on his journey. After the prince left, however, the drakes rearmed themselves.[1]

Despite the prince's death,[7] Jessene remembered how to reach the island. She helped Prince Haldric and the Green Isle's human refugees reach the drake island, believing it to be suitable for re-provisioning their ships on their journey to the Great Continent.[8] Despite Haldric's attempts at diplomacy, the drakes attacked the refugees. Haldric slew their leaders, Kegrid, Gerrick, and Merkush, after which the drake warriors relented. Before re-provisioning their ships and leaving, Jessene reasoned that the drakes would likely continue guarding the island until it had sunken too low.[1]

As ships continued to pass by Morogor over the next few years, the drakes considered the possibility of lands beyond Morogor. Some Wesfolk lost their way at sea and were shipwrecked there, becoming the prey of the drakes.[3] A group of orcs landed at the islands at one point, the leader of which was captured and interrogated by Galun, leading them to discover the existence of the Great Continent.[9] After becoming a dominant with his own flight,[6] Galun led his new subordinates east,[10] eventually reaching the Great Continent and settling in the Heat Mountains.[11][12] Though a sky drake loyal to Kerath snuck away and brought his leader to Galun's new eyrie, Galun slew Kerath and his fighting drakes.[13]


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