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Gender: Male


Unit type(s): Elven Marshal

Glimir was an elven marshal. He was one of the first elves to encounter Prince Haldric and his refugees.


Then we saw lots of ships. Not like before, with that fellow from Southbay and his lone ship. It was always interesting when he stopped by.
—Glimir describes his encounters with the humans.

Glimir first encountered humans when the First Crown Prince of Southbay arrived at the Great Continent on a single ship. Some time after that, he encountered a group of dwarves encroaching on elvish lands at the Bay of Pearls and chopping wood, providing credence to various stories that the dwarves had settled in the Brown Hills. He told their leader, Dursil, to leave. Dursil complained that their land was not extensive enough, but before fighting could break out, Glimir spotted many ships on the horizon. Mistaking it for an invasion, he made a temporary truce with Dursil's dwarves to defend the shoreline.[1]

Once Prince Haldric emerged from the ships, Glimir ignored his attempts at diplomacy. Almost as soon as fighting broke out, a member of the Ka'lian, Lady Dionli, arrived. She demanded an explanation of Glimir, who spoke of how the dwarves and humans had come to be there. Dionli persuaded Dursil to return to the Brown Hills, while taking Haldric and his refugees before the Ka'lian.[1]


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