Second Crown Prince of Southbay

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Second Crown Prince of Southbay
Title(s): Crown Prince of Southbay
Gender: Male
Unit type(s): Death Knight

The second Crown Prince of Southbay (also known as Fool Prince and as the fool Prince of Southbay) was the son of King Addroran IX, assuming the role of his older brother who died mysteriously. He launched the second Wesfolk War against the Wesfolk and their Lich-Lords, but was later slain and resurrected for the entertainment of the Lich-Lord Jevyan.


I was betrayed by the Lich-Lords' dark pact with the orcs, in no small part because your fool Prince of Southbay convinced them that their immortal un-lives were over!
Lady Jessene laments the war caused by the second Crown Prince of Southbay.
The new Crown Prince of Southbay is suspected of murdering his brother.

The second Crown Prince of Southbay assumed the role of crown prince when his brother fell fatally ill after returning from a landmark voyage to the Great Continent. Due to the mysterious circumstances of the death, suspicion fell upon the younger brother. In order to divert people's attention, he started the second Wesfolk War with Southbay's historical foes in the north-west, the Wesfolk.[1]

The war was initially successful, threatening to destroy the Lich-Lords. In their desperation, they opened gateways to the Old Continent, allowing large numbers of orcs to pass through and invade the Green Isle.[1] The disastrous consequences of the war led to the prince being referred to as the "fool Prince of Southbay".[1][2][3][4] The orcs submitted to the rule of the Lich-Lords, particularly the Lich-Lord Jevyan, who killed the prince before reanimating his body. The former prince accompanied Jevyan back to Southbay, where he was displayed to his king and father, Addroran. The prince participated in the orcs' siege against Southbay, but was eventually defeated.[3]


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