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This template creates a navbox for a particular campaign.


name denotes the name of the campaign.

main characters denotes a bullet separated list of the main characters in the story. Only characters mentioned in at least three scenarios and who appear in at least one scenario should be included. The order of importance is this:

  • Protagonist comes first (either is or isn't).
  • Critical to plot elements (either is or isn't).
  • Number of appearances (the number of scenarios in which the character appears as a unit).
  • Number of mentions (the number of scenarios in which the character is mentioned).
  • Order of appearance.

scenarios denotes a bullet separated list of the scenarios in the campaign. Note that interludes and epilogues should be in italics.


{{Navbox campaign
|name=The Rise of Wesnoth
|main characters=[[Haldric I]] • [[Jessene]] • [[Aethyr]] • [[Typhon]] • [[Jevyan]] • [[Dionli]] • [[Eldaric IV]] • [[Addroran IX]] • [[Elilmaldur-Rithrandil]] • [[Second Crown Prince of Southbay]] • [[Caror]] • [[Lenvan]] • [[Burin]] • [[Edren]] • [[Ruddry]] • [[Ladoc]]
|scenarios=[[A Summer of Storms]] • [[The Fall]] • [[A Harrowing Escape]] • [[The Swamp of Esten]]/[[The Midlands]] • [[The Oldwood]] • [[Temple in the Deep]] • ''[[Return to Oldwood]]'' • [[Clearwater Port]] • [[Fallen Lich Point (scenario)|Fallen Lich Point]] • [[Sewer of Southbay]] • ''[[Southbay in Winter]]'' • [[A Final Spring]] • [[Peoples in Decline]] • [[Rough Landing]] • [[A New Land (The Rise of Wesnoth)|A New Land]] • ''[[The Ka'lian (scenario)|The Ka'lian]]'' ([[The Dragon (The Rise of Wesnoth)|The Dragon]]/[[Lizard Beach]]/[[Troll Hole]]/[[Cursed Isle]]) • ''[[A Spy in the Woods]]'' • [[The Vanguard]] • [[Return of the Fleet]] • [[The Plan]] • [[The Rise of Wesnoth (scenario)|The Rise of Wesnoth]] • ''[[Epilogue (The Rise of Wesnoth)|Epilogue]]''
The Rise of Wesnoth
Main characters
Haldric IJesseneAethyrTyphonJevyanDionliEldaric IVAddroran IXElilmaldur-RithrandilSecond Crown Prince of SouthbayCarorLenvanBurinEdrenRuddryLadoc
A Summer of StormsThe FallA Harrowing EscapeThe Swamp of Esten/The MidlandsThe OldwoodTemple in the DeepReturn to OldwoodClearwater PortFallen Lich PointSewer of SouthbaySouthbay in WinterA Final SpringPeoples in DeclineRough LandingA New LandThe Ka'lian (The Dragon/Lizard Beach/Troll Hole/Cursed Isle) • A Spy in the WoodsThe VanguardReturn of the FleetThe PlanThe Rise of WesnothEpilogue
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